Explore Habibpur Iskcon Temple 2022 new updates

Habibpur Iskcon Temple is a beautiful place for the devotee who wants to visit Iskcon near Ranaghat, WB. The place is calm and spiritual. When we talk about Iskcon, the first thing that knocks on our mind-door is A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. He is the founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness 1966, … Read more

Mangaldeep Eco Tourism Park – Best picnic spot 23

Mangaldeep Eco Tourism Park feature image

Why? Because this park is situated with beauty, river and a small forest. If you are willing to go to a riverside, where you want to enjoy beautiful nature then you can visit this park. MangalDeep Eco tourism park offers you peaceful nature with attractive looks. The season makes more different and when we talk … Read more

108 Shiva Temples – A glorious town of temple

108 Shiva Temples feature image

Imagine standing in the middle of the courtyard looking at all the 108 Shiva temples and even seeing the Shivlings present in the sanctum sanctorum. Well, if you visit the 108 Shiva temples in Kalna, this wonder is possible. 108 Shiva Temples The city is steeped in the fragrance of wildflowers scattered on red clay … Read more

Abakash Park – Best family park in Nadia

I love this place special for winter season best park for couples and also family children enjoy this place the nice tree. Address: Ranaghat, West Bengal 741201 Entry fee 10 rupees For taking pics 50 rupees and for taking videos 500 rupees. Abakash Park The city was a hundred and fifty years old, but it … Read more