Explore Habibpur Iskcon Temple 2022 new updates

Habibpur Iskcon Temple is a beautiful place for the devotee who wants to visit Iskcon near Ranaghat, WB. The place is calm and spiritual.

When we talk about Iskcon, the first thing that knocks on our mind-door is A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. He is the founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness 1966, short for Iskcon.

Habibpur Iskcon Temple was established in 1996. Habibpur Iskcon Temple is over 8 acres with many features. From 1996 to the present time, many things already changed but Iskcon is still alive and this is better than before. Because God lives here.

Short description of Habibpur village

Habibpur is a village in the Ranaghat-i block of Nadia district in the Indian state of West Bengal. It belongs to the Presidential Department.

It is located 30 km south of the district headquarters in Krishnanagar, Nadia. Habibpur village is 4km far from Ranaghat-i block and 79km far from Kolkata.

Let’s explore Habibpur Iskcon Temple

Most travelers from cities will find this place very nice since there are greeneries and lots of open areas for one to hang out. The main temple is near the road just 300m far from NH 12.

In this peaceful temple, the deities are very beautiful. Not only inside but you can also see the outside structure and that is awesome and eye-catchy.

On NH 12 there is an ongoing process of over-bridge. After finished of that over-bridge work, everyone has a paradisal look at that bridge.

The local road is attached to NH 12 and everyone takes this road to reach Habibpur Iskcon Temple and this is a very small walk (300m).

Also, there is a facility for overnight staying in the guest house which is inside the campus. Only Satvik veg food items are allowed here.

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It’s time to go inside Habibpur Iskcon Temple.

Habibpur Iskcon Temple

There are two gates for entry. The first one will go to Iskcon Gaur Dham Medical Centre, the Park area, and the Boating area.

And the second one is the main gate, here very fast you will see Sri Jagannath Mahaprasad Centre which is situated on the left side of the entry gate (The Mahaprasad Centre is situated left side of the entry gate).

From here you can see the beautiful temple. Also, you can see a Rath Yatra vehicle that will be straight from your entry position.

Take off your shoes and go for God’s darshan. Your mind will feel peace.

When you enter the Habibpur Iskcon temple you will have a peaceful mind and eye-opening environment. We have felt that. And the God statues are really beautiful and awesome.

You can’t take pictures inside Habibpur Iskcon temple but we have managed from Temple management.

The temple, there is well-designed with light and you will hear Hare Krishna Maha nam. You can see by standing or sitting. The floor is neat and clean.

There is a bookstall and a shop for God statue. So you can buy from here if you wish. In the evening you can join Sandhya Aarti. We will cover this later.

Silent and beautiful environment

After the darshan of God, we have seen the beauty of the outside of the temple. If you cover a few steps on foot from the main gate, you can see there is a sitting place. Where you can sit if you wish you can discuss it with Prabhu.

I like this place. We have discussed with Prabhu for this article to give you the right guide. Hope you are enjoying it.

12 July 2021 is the Rath Yatra date. A vehicle that is used for Rath Yatra is containing a God statue. There is a shade of tin that gives shadow to keep that place good.

Prasad Hall

Take a few steps on foot again and you will see the Prasadam Hall, here you get Prasad. Nourish body, mind, and soul with the delicious Jagannath Prasad.

AC and Non-AC Prasad hall are available here. The capacity of the AC Prasad hall seat is 32 persons and the Non-AC Prasad hall seat is 100 persons.

Every day different varieties of bhoga are given to our lordship and then prasad is distributed among the fans and guests.

Special Rajbhoh ₹150 per person. Ac room & dining table available for this. But before taking this facility you have to take a 60 rupees coupon.

Normal bhog is 60 rupees per person, Non-AC room with the ground sitting facility.

They use firewood to make traditional cooking and this makes Prasad more healthy and nutritious. This food is really tasty.

You can order for group booking and they will provide packed Prasad that you can eat during your journey time. If you are a devotee, they have special items for you, just you need to book in advance.

Guest House

Prasad hall and Guesthouse are connected in one way. This guest house is 2 minutes away from Habibpur Iskcon Temple. Don’t worry this Guesthouse is inside the campus.

The Guesthouse is nice G+4 storied and beautiful. You can stay here as a visitor or if you are a devotee and you have a first-hand experience of devotional life.

AC and Non-AC facilities rooms are available here with generators and hot water. From here, you can attend Mangal Aarti at 4.30 AM. You can participate in all programs from here morning to evening. (Habibpur Iskcon temple)

Par day staying cost is 800-1000 Indian rupees. If you take an AC room you have to pay 1000 rupees and for a Non-AC room, you have to pay 800 rupees. For more info, you can contact the Habibpur Iskcon temple center.

Let’s move on.

Park area/Walking area

There was a very good environment for spending a peaceful time but after cyclone amphan this area is destroyed.

This image is taken at the event time, that’s why this image is dark

Still, this place is beautiful. The whole area is covered with green grass. The sitting area is available. You can spend your time here and you have a great time.

Green grass makes this place more beautiful. We have gone through this area for the image. When we were going over this place, we have seen many places that you can use for spending your time like sitting, walking, for a peaceful mind, etc.

After exploring this area, we moved to boat pond.


The pond is small but beautiful and two Rajhamsa made this pond more attractive. You will see huge fish in the pond. The boat is self-riding and available for your friends and family.

The water is neat and clean. There are stairs to grab the Rajhamsa boat. If you know, how to feed fish then you can feed them with your own hand.

Car Parking

If you are coming by car, you can easily park your car inside the campus. The car parking area available made this place more accessible. Sometimes visitors and devotees come with a long drive and then they need to search for a parking place.

No time will be wasted. If you coming from NH 12 then you need to use the first gate to park your car. This way is straight from the gate.

Medical center

Walk a few steps on your foot and you will see Iskcon Gourdham Medical Sheba. Here you can take care of your health.

There is a ma who will discuss with you if you prepare your mind to go inside this medical Sheba.

From here you can see the Sri Sri Jagannath Mahaprasad center. You can also see from the second gate if you go from NH 12.

How to reach

You can access Habibpur Iskcon Temple easily. From Ranaghat this temple is 4.5 km away. Just you need to grab NH 12.

Also, you can come here from Habibpur railway station, Grab Santipur local, reach Habibpur station and then go for a TOTO.

TOTO will take you to Iskcon easily and this ride will be 1.7 km away from Iskcon.

Aarti Time

If you don’t want to miss all aarti in Habibpur Iskcon Temple, we suggest you take a room. Because this will be the priority to message you when you are in the Habibpur Iskcon Temple guesthouse.

We providing you a screenshot, where you will get all details. So take a look this will help you a lot.

This place is not only for devotees but also for the depressed minds.

If you have any questions, comment down your question, and we will come back to you soon. Hope you enjoyed this article (Habibpur Iskcon Temple). Hare Krishna🙏

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