Mukundanagar ghat – A tourist attraction in Chakdaha 2023

Welcome to the new blog post with the new place. Today we are going to Mukundanagar ghat. Now we are in Habibpur. It’s time to start our journey. Habibpur is a village that is near Ranaghat. We are going to Mukundanagar ghat from Habibpur but if you are in Kolkata, you have to come by Train. And the train line is Sealdah-Ranaghat local.

You don’t need to come to Ranaghat, you can stop your train journey on Payradanga. From Payradanga to Mukundanagar ghat distance is 4 KM. You can easily get ToTo (local vehicle) to come to Mukundanagar ghat. The fare is 20 rupes (inr).

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Mukundanagar Ghat

Very fast you will a beautiful image like this. Here you will find two ways. One will go for Shiv-Kali mandir and another will go for Trisakti Mandir (Poradanga trishakti mandir). Later we will discuss it.

On the left side, you will see Ganga. In the Ganga, some boats are floating. If you want to have an awesome ride. Here you can see some of the local people bathing. Let’s go inside and enjoy the beauty of the temple.

Shiv-Kali temple

In the image that I have shared, from here you will see the pinnacle of the temple. The temple gate is open from 6 am to 8 pm. No cost to enter and this is a plus point for every traveler including me. Inside is full of green areas that will blow your mind.

All places are covered with green jhau trees, Duranta Green trees, and jasmine. All of these green small trees are well-maintained. Some of the white flowers are seen. Nature is calm and peaceful that’s why you will find yourself in a peaceful area.

Main temple of Mukundanagar Ghat

This temple is made with one man’s money. In 2010 the Shiv-kali temple is Established by Tapan Kumar Mukherjee. The temple is situated on the left side of the entrance gate. From here you can see the statue of Mohadev just on your left side.

There is another temple that is situated near Ganga. All of these temples are in the same place, you don’t need to anywhere to see them. And the distance between the two temples is 30-45 seconds footsteps.

Asotho tree and Ganga river sounds make this place more attractive. All-time you will get cold wind, of course, all credit goes to Asotho tree. We have spent most of the time here. Some video album creators are gathering here. From here (the front side) you will see local people bathing in the river.

We have seen the donation box just near the ghat. If you want you can donate. It’s up to you. Nobody is here to force you to donate. After exploring two temples we have a departure for the next sitting area. If you wish you can come with us. If you focus you will see there are so many red yarns, those tied up with a banyan tree.

Where to eat

If you want, you can take your food from the roadside shop. Except for rice, you will get it all. So, we have taken your food from here (roadside shop). Find a good place to finish your food and finish your food. Because you are going with us to Trisakti temple.

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We parked our byke on the opposite side of the Shiv-kali mandir. Let’s go there and take some photos. Here we have seen a water pump that is in the river.

We have made a mistake. We thought this is the place, where you can see the beautiful view of the Ganga but later we realized this is the water pump. Tourist is not allowed to go there. But it looks like a floating house.

The water filter pump looks like a single-room plot. You can go there with the permission of the Mukundanagar Ghat committee.

From this site, you can an amazing view of the Ganga. Sometimes water hyacinths will be seen and those are floating with Currents of water. Some people are taking baths with buffalo but you can see the only opposite side of the temple.

We have chosen the photoshoot spot and that is the entrance side of Mukundanagar Ghat. From here you will see more boats. And most of them are banks of the River. This place is good for time spending. From here we have taken most of the pictures.

After spending 2 hours we covered Trisakti Temple. The 2 hours we spent were really worth it. If we had more time, we will spend more time here.

Trisakti Temple (Poradanga Golden Temple)

Trisakti Temple is 750 miters away from Mukundanagar Ghat. If you are traveling by bike we don’t recommend you go by bike. Because with byke this small road is dangerous. But if you want you can choose the second road. This way you have used to come, just use the same way. We are giving you a screenshot that you can use for safe driving. Use this route if you are traveling with a bike.

We have recommended this route because you have used a small route that is beside Ganga. Being a first-time travelers of Mukundanagar Ghat we were unknown. Going with footstep is good but not with byke.

Exploring Trisakti Temple

This place is like Mukundanagar Ghat but here you can’t see a good sitting area, Temple is under construction, and Flower garden works are running. No good place for a photoshoot. No eating area and no shop.

This temple is named after three Sakti Devi that’s why this temple name is Tri Sakti Temple? The Devi’s are Adya maa, Maa Bhabatarini, Tara maa. Here you will see a big Shiv ling and a small Shiv statue.

This temple is calm and beautiful. You can spend your time with nature and the beautiful sunset. In the temple, there are three statues of Kali. Temple is net and clean. Open your shoes and have peaceful sight of Ma Kali.

After seeing Ma Kali we spent one hour. Some of our friends are calling their home and some of my friends are enjoying the view of Ganga. If you are a nature lover and you love to spend your time with nature then this place is only for you.

We have finished here. It’s time to go home. We will the screenshot map. Hope you have a memorable time with Mukundanagar Ghat and Poradanga Golden Temple (Tri Sakti Temple).

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