Top 20 points to get ahead in Beginners backpacking trips

Going for a long tour or making up your mind to go on a backpacking trip? You will probably think you will need an expert to complete a good backpacking trip. This line says quite a lie. You don’t need to take an expert. Because nobody is an expert. There is an expert, there is a student.

So an expert learns something new from a new trip. And you can do it also. A one-day trip can’t make you an expert. But it can be happened by doing every time.

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It doesn’t matter if you are going to Kathmandu or Paris, My backpacking tips will give you an edge no matter where you are on this amazing planet. I have told you being an expert takes time.

My little knowledge says if you follow my beginner’s backpacking trip, you don’t need to worry about any problems. Because you are in a right place. So let’s get started. These travel tips will smooth your adventure and soften your landing.

Ultimate Travel Tips for Beginners backpacking trip

Are you ready to go on a new trip, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or later. Let’s see the top points that I personally loved.

Don’t pack too much stuff

This is the most common that we have faced when we are new in this environment (beginner trip). Don’t pack that you don’t need. You are traveling in 10 pairs of pants, 3 water bottles, 5 jackets, 3 different types of cameras, 3 kg make-up bags, etc.

Are you serious? After passing some trails you are deciding to make your backpack half. And after some time you are deciding to make your bag half again. Seriously!

You don’t need to carry that type of f**king stuff. You are not going to war. You are going to relax your mind, and get some enjoyment. Isn’t it?

Clothing that you will use year after year in different climates. Over time, you will be able to pack only the things you need and you will be much happier when your pack weighs comfortably.

Stay in hostels with free breakfasts

This is one of my favorite points because it saves money. When you are a beginner, you need to take care of your money. Because nobody is there to give you money. All you have is only for yours, so manage it carefully.

This is not a big deal what they are providing in your breakfast. But it will never be bad for you because the hotel management systems always take care of their customers.

Do some research and get free breakfast hotels, and there you can stay. Sometimes people get hesitate to stay in a hotel where they will get free breakfasts. I think this is one of foolishness.

You are a beginner and this will help you a lot to learn something new. Always welcome new things when you are a newbie.

Pack a quality tent

It should be your priority to get a quality tent. This is different if you are going on a trip where you will stay your whole time in a hotel. But if you’re making up your mind to go outdoors.

Then you definitely do this. If you get a low-quality tent, then you will find some useless holes, the tent will be not perfect for use next time and something like that. If you are thinking, you don’t need to take quality then you are doing wrong.

You can’t depend on google for weather reports always. So don’t know what will happen with your next move. If you are in your tent and suddenly rain starts or storms then a quality tent will help you not low quality.

Eat street food

backpacking trip

Eating street foods can harm your health. You don’t know how much time those foods are there. They always make their food spicy and tasty not caring about you and your health. Because we know spicy and tasty food always gets customer attention.

The common factor is every backpackers fall sick on the street. It is not necessary but in most cases, this is common for backpackers. Just think about it, you are sick and you are on a trip then what will happen to you? I don’t need to tell you because you know this already.

Do you know? why do people purchase street food because they are cheap? For saving some extra money you will probably purchase street food. So don’t do that, if you want to cover a healthy backpacking trip.

I know you are going to cover a healthy backpacking trip. Hey. am I right? I know. You can do it.

Carry a water bottle, always

on backpacking trips

Do you like water? I know this is not an intelligent question. But if you are on a trip you should carry a water bottle. I am not telling you you are going to fall dehydrated.

Some people buy water bottles every day and after drinking full of water they are throwing that water bottle because most water bottles are plastic made. When you are in the same group then you should not do this.

Plastic makes our environmental pollution, especially in the ocean. We are travelers and we need to clean our environment. Instead of buying plastic bottles try to buy environmentally friendly water bottles.

When you buy a water bottle every day it will cost you more. You should manage this. At the end of the month, it becomes expensive to buy bottled water every day of your trip.

Pack a camera

backpacking trip

Capturing every moment is help you touch your memory again and again. We can’t stop time but we can capture every time that we have. Whenever I go on a trip I always pick a camera. You will not remember your every good time but the picture does.

The trip is all about adventure. This time we have the good time ever. The first time is always special. And everybody wants to remember their special time, the camera is going to help you to do that.

I simply remember those times, when I had no camera with me. I had missed so many adventures to capture. You don’t need to carry with you a DSLR camera, just you need a simple camera that you can use to capture your every moment.

Cook your own food

backpacking trip

Have you ever realized this will be one of the best helpers on your trip? Eating every night in a hotel may cost you. Instead of ordering from a hotel, try to learn to cook your own food.

You can take this as a secret. I called this secret because, when you know how to cook in a cheap range of prices then you save lots of money. This is not about one day when you complete your first backpacking trip, then you will be more interested to go for a backpacking trip.

Man always learns from their mistakes. You have finished your first backpacking trip with lots of joy and you are feeling good because you have saved lots of money. Just because of cooking your own food.

I think this is not about saving money, this is all about health. If you are healthy from the inside then outside happiness will come automatically. Order from a hotel will fall you sick. In most cases, people fell sick because of 2 weeks outside of food.

Staying at a hotel and ordering food from a hotel is common but learning how to cook in a cheap range. It will save you money and health.

Bring a stove

backpacking trip

You are staying in a hostel and there is no option for food other than what should you do. The very short answer is you need to cook. Isn’t it? Obviously yes.

Not only for cooking food, if you are a coffee drinker then you will probably order coffee. Why you are not asking yourself if you are wasting your money? You don’t need to order coffee every time, only you will need a stove.

Carrying a stove will help you in so many ways. You are willing to wash your face with hot water, take some water, and boil. For this, you don’t need to go to a hotel or a local shop.

Making tea/coffee, boil water, cooking food, and many more tasks you can complete with the help of a stove. So carry a lightweight stove for saving money.

Make sure your backpack has a rain cover and bring a rain jacket

As I told you before, you can follow google for the weather report but you don’t even know what will happen next. I am thinking, I should make this point number. You are taking many important things into your bag. To protect yourself from rain you should always carry a rain cover and bring a rain jacket.

If everything is wet then how you can make your backpacking trip complete? When you have those, you don’t need to worry about rain.

The main thing that I know is I need to keep dry my clothes all time and a rain cover is the best option. If you think, I am right, don’t forget to carry a rain cover.

Bring toilet paper everywhere

The point seems crazy. What I can use for cleaning my glorious nether regions. This question hit my brain all time when I was on a backpacking trip. Searching for water and local toilets is really exhausting.

Having already toilet paper will help you not to fall into water searching cases. This sounds not good but what we do. At least we are working in a healthy environment. If you don’t want to take toilet paper then you have to be a master to clean your own crack with water.

This is not about cleaning your own area. You can use it to clean your food mess, wipe your nose, light a campfire, and do something like this. Are you thinking now you need toilet paper if you are on a backpacking trip?

Pack a power bank

Going on a long journey is really time-consuming. In the meantime, if your phone gets discharged then how you will feel? You are unable to call someone or a special one.

In this modern-day, electricity goes without warning. And you are seeing, your phone is not fully charged yet. If you carry a power bank then you can easily handle this problem.

Use multiple USB port power banks, so you can charge multiple devices at one time. Before going for a backpacking trip, you should charge your power bank fully.

Hide your money

Money is your main property when you are on a backpacking trip. You have money, you can travel the whole world but if you don’t have it you can’t do it. This is very much simple.

You don’t know, who is good and who is bad in your travel area. This is why you have to be careful with your money. In the modern-day, pickpockets are everywhere and they are also modern and skilled.

You need to save them. You have put all your money in your wallet and suddenly you are realizing you have lost your wallet. Probably you will be mad. But don’t need to be mad if you hide your money.

You can keep your money in your belt, your shoes, into your under-pocket. This area can’t easy and workable for pickpockets.

Talk to locals

backpacking trip

If you want an authentic travel experience then talk with locals. But we are too busy with our phones. Social media is used for entertainment, knowing the world, and many more. But you don’t have a mindful journey with your phone.

Meet locals to know their behavior and environment. Ask them which food is liked by they and what language they are using for living. Try to find out the language gap. When you talk with locals, you have the all parts to know.

After passing years, you will find an awesome travel story that you have gained from your backpacking trip. Nobody even the internet can tell you the exact story that you have.

Pack a first-aid kit

This is necessary when you are out of your home. You need to carry a first aid kit always. When I was first I didn’t have that but later I realized I need one because of a burned hand on a hot stove.

I am not saying that you are gonna fall into that problem but you are carrying a first aid kit for your problem backup. You and I don’t know if you will face a problem or not.

Inevitably you or a fellow backpacker will slip with a knife while chopping onions, burn your hands in a hot stove, bite the itch, get scraps from falling hiking, or twist your ankles after getting drunk on the stairs. Stool occurs.

Hope you got my point.

Bring a sleeping pad

backpacking trip

You are not going to stand out there all time. What you are going to do is you are going to relax and enjoy. You have passed all day and now you are falling asleep then obviously you will need a sleeping pad.

This is another reason if you don’t want to sleep and you are planning to stay at hotels and someone’s house. But how many times? If you are in a jungle and the hostel is far from your location then you have to stay in the jungle but you don’t have a sleeping pad.

Most of the backpackers stay their night outdoors including me. And this is the adventure part. Backpacking trips require a sleeping pad.

Travel with a sleeping bag liner

You may ask I have a sleeping pad, why do I need a sleeping bag liner on my backpacking trip? Suppose you have booked a hotel or you are willing to stay at someone’s house but after going there, you find your room unhygienic.

What will you do? You will manage your mind to go to another place. If you have a sleeping bag liner, you can manage it easily. You simply whip your liner (which the French call a “bag of meat”) and avoid direct contact with the mattress or dirty sheet underneath.

You don’t need to worry about sleep when you have a sleeping bag liner.

Read up on the country you are visiting

Are you familiar with your destination? Learning about your trip is a good part of your journey. What is the weather report, where you will stay, and which places are you gonna visit on your backpacking trip? These types of questions are really helpful for you.

You don’t need to learn all of the things, just you need to learn the basics. History and culture is the most important part of the backpacking trip. When you know the true knowledge, you will appreciate and enjoy it.

Reading up about your destination will help you gain more stories that will help you in the future.

Don’t drink at bars every day

You are in a new place and going to a bar is really fun work. This is not a big deal but going to bars every night is bad or you can say murder. You have a budget and you will need to maintain your budget in a good way with fun.

Why do we go to a bar? Because there we can enjoy much better from room or hostels. When you planning a backpacking trip, you are thinking I will go to this bar every night.

But after going 3-4 nights you are finding yourself in a problem, you have lost your money, not by pickpockets by drink.

Purchasing alcohol from bars is costly. if you want to drink purchase from the supermarket. Here you can purchase at a cheap price.

Bring a microfiber towel

Every hotel has a towel in the bathroom but most of them are unhygienic and I think you should not use that. Towels are good for drying your body after a bath. But if you use unhygienic towels then you are going to fall into skin problems.

In another case, if you put your towel in the bathroom your towel will be stolen. If you are happy to lose your towel then there is no problem. If you are caring your towel then you should not give your towel into the bathroom.

Getting health problems is not the main problem, you can do another task with your towel. You can dry your face after cleaning it with water. Not only the dry face but you can also dry your body after sweat.

Don’t over plan

backpacking trip

When I was new I have done this kind of fault. Going to so many places in one trip is one of the most dangerous ways. Make it as simple as you can, you don’t need to overwhelm.

In my early backpacking trip, I was very confused about my trip but you should not do this. Planning a trip one night before is not a good start, if you are an expert then there are no problems.

Plan with a clear mind, taking all of your necessary things is my loved part. A happy backpacker is someone who is organized and driven, but not indifferent to planning and booking. Being flexible is another feature of expert broken backpackers.

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