A rainy day in a village best relaxing time I had 23

In India, a rainy day in a village is loved by everyone. But some people hate rain, thanks to God I am none of them. Every season has a good side and a bad side. I am from a small village and I love to do traveling. This is one of my favorite hobbies. I think this is not my hobby, I am gonna say this is my passion.

This year in July month I was at a friend’s house and at those time I have seen many rainy days and this is true, on a rainy day in the village life is really beautiful. I enjoyed those days very much. Today I want to share that beautiful moment with all of you.

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Everyone wants happiness and joy in their life including me. So I am gonna share those days in the present because I want those days again (rainy days in a village).

When woke up in the village area, you will probably listen to birds singing. This is another reason why you wake up late in the morning. Warm sunlight, people’s sounds, bird songs, the sound of silence, and rows of trees make village morning mind-blowing. (rainy day in a village)

You will always get a positive vibe in village life. That’s why I love it so much village life. In the village most of the people are farmers. On rainy days in a village, you will see farmers going to their Paddy fields.

Rainy day in a village in the Morning time

As I told you before morning life is full of joy if you are in a village. Cattle herd, Farmar with plow, way of mud, etc make the village morning entertainment.

If you go for a morning walk you can see rows of trees and a silent environment. For many trees, the village environment is always cold and beautiful. But we talk about a rainy day in a village so you will probably listen to the music of frogs.

Most of the time, in the morning I am watching the rain. Of that my morning walk is not going properly. Anyway, I am enjoying my life so much.

After Finishing my walk and other activities, my friend called me for Kedgeree (Khichuri). These are the common cuisines in the village for rain time. I love this much.

Wet hands of rice wash smell of girl, hijol, or Indian oak’s flower makes morning life extra special.

Farmar on a rainy day

Most of the people are Day laborers. They earn day to make day’s food. On a rainy day, they can’t go to work. Instead of going to work, they go fishing. They use the net to grab fish.

When you look at the farmer, they are worried about fields. Cats and dogs are the main reason for floods. And if this occurred they will be damaged. Because their fields will be underwater.

Farmar depends on their fields. This is not a big deal if the rain goes on for one day or 4-5 days. On a rainy day, housewife shows their creativity. They make different types of handicrafts.

Not only a housewife but men also make handicrafts. Men use bamboo to make different types of handicrafts.

Strange story

This is the common time pass strategy of village people. When I was kid, also listened to ghost stories from my grandmother.

This story is always untold because everyone used to present moments or listen from grandmother/grandfather. Most of the time those story is false. This story is only used to make a time full of joy.

The name of the stories like hidden treasure, Seven brothers and Champa, Suyo rani and Duyo rani, Monster and Bamun, Prince and Fairy, etc.

Football match on a rainy day

Kids are always ready to play football in rain. They enjoy it so much. Not only kids but adults also play football in rain. A Rainy day in a village is really joyous if you can take the joy. Some kids don’t play football in rain because of their mother’s advice.

Village mothers are much strict but they love their children more than city mothers. They told their kid not to play in the rain. If you do this you will get a fever.

Not today but I have seen a football match in the rain. Throwaway is common because of tiny mud. You can’t play football in rain without throw away. But the interesting fact is everyone enjoys this.

If you are from a city and you want to play football in the rain then you don’t need to do that. In the village, the environment’s immunity system is full but in the city, people used medicine to boost the immunity system.

Relax and peace

Around one year ago I was so depressed because of much tension. And I was used to listening to relaxing music for sleep. You don’t need to go countryside if you listen to rainy sounds your mind will be relaxed.

When rain sounds enter your brain, your brain unconsciously produces alpha waves. And this is the close of the human sleep stage. Rain sounds are between 0 and 20 kHz. This type of sound makes a man comfortable. This is the reason people fall asleep in the rain.

In the daytime, people pass their time by making handicrafts and listening to strange stories. A Rainy day in a village makes the time better. Today I have listened to strange stories, have seen handcrafts, and have eaten Kedgeree (Khichuri).

All of this makes my day memorable. In the evening I listened to the Duttaphrynus melanostictus (Common Indian Toad) song. These frogs are found in the room corner, in the Shrubs.

Rainy day in a village nightlife

Cities life is full busy. People pass their life as a marathon. 9-5 jobs are the main reason. If you are a job person, your life is full of disturbance in city life. This is another reason if you like silence. In cities, people live in buildings.

If the rain starts, you can’t listen, you will see in the morning that the previous night had been a rainy night. But in the countryside, this is different. Most of the houses are made with bamboo, tin, soil, and wood. This is the main reason village people can hear rain sounds without the internet.


A Rainy day in a village is fantastic. Spending all my time in a house is really overwhelming. But a rainy day in a village can make your day. Take your time and go to the countryside you have really a good and positive time.

I have a good time, not for a rainy day in a village but also I have a relaxed time, positive vibes, etc. The behavior of village people is good. They don’t need to go for 9-5 jobs.

The environment of the countryside will make your life happy. Don’t have pollution, factory, and the crowd. When you come back from the village area you will feel much more energetic.

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