Abakash Park – Best family park in Nadia

I love this place special for winter season best park for couples and also family children enjoy this place the nice tree.

Address: Ranaghat, West Bengal 741201

Entry fee 10 rupees

For taking pics 50 rupees and for taking videos 500 rupees.

Abakash Park

The city was a hundred and fifty years old, but it was not a good park to be proud of. Lastly the employee Ranaghat Municipality.

‘Binodini Park’ has created a beautiful environment on the banks of the river Churni. In addition to the toy train for the entertainment of children, there is various equipment.

There is also a food park. In addition, specific venues have been set aside for the occasion.

This eye-catching park will catch your eye when you go to the Barabazar area in Ward No. 2 of the city. This park has been built on four bighas of land.

This is the first large-scale amusement park in the district. People from the surrounding districts and the whole of Nadia can come here and enjoy.

So the general public is enthusiastic about the park. However, some of them are angry about the lack of morning walks in the park.

The townspeople are happy to have such an amusement park in the heart of the city. Deepak Ghosh, a resident of Purohitpara, Bishwanath Das said, “We used to hear that there are good parks in different cities.

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People from different places visit those parks. At the time, I thought it would be nice to have such a park in our city! ” According to the municipality and local sources, Ranaghat municipality has passed 150 years in 2015.

The centenary celebrations of the municipality have been celebrated with various ceremonies.

Some more details of Abakash Park

In the central point, there is a pond. Around that pond, you can see the beautiful nature scene.

The open time of the park is 11 am to 8 pm. Fees for the entrance is only 10 rupees. Inside the park, you will see many riding systems.

After entering Abakash park you can see Hanuman Ji mandir. And you will see a pond that is a bit log from Hanuman Ji.

In the pond, you can make fun of the boat, for that, you have to pay 20 rupees per head. It has a Boating area, and nice benches too also a nice long walkway.

There is two bridge in the Abakash Park. People use this for going one part from another.

Abakash park has one theater and apart from this, there are some beautiful culture images, especially all about kids.

In the night when night falls on that images then those images will be so attractive.

Sometimes we need to take some pics and obviously, we love to take the pic. Because images are our memory. For that, you need to pay 50 rupees (for taking pic).

If you are a Youtuber and you want to take some shots then this place is awesome. Because you are paying only 10 rupees and you can spend your whole time (11 am – 8 pm).

For video shooting, you have to pay 500 rupees, and I think this is not a big deal to shoot for Youtube or others.

How to reach

At first, you have to come for Ranaghat JN, Ranaghat JN is well known all over India. (It’s my opinion, maybe this is not possible). Then call Toto’s car and tell him to go Abakash park.

This way you can easily go to Ranaghat Abakash Park. I hope going to any park is not a big deal this will relax our mind and stress level.

After all, I wanna say two lines “Large and very well maintained park with a water body having boating facility. Nice ambiance, a good place to spend time with your friends & family.”

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