Shankarpur – My Silent Trip to best Shankarpur Beach in 21

The calm beach of West Bengal which is called Shankarpur is located in West Digha. Some people told this Shankarpur beach at a beautiful beach., 16 km away from Digha Railway Station.

Do you visit New Digha and Tajpur Beach? If yes. Then you will find this beach in between this beach and you will find this place in a beautiful category.

Sometimes we hate crowded areas but this beach is a fresh beach, maybe you are looking for a fresh beach like Shankarpur. Rows upon rows that can attract you more to Shankarpur beach, not only you but the view makes a perfect moment also. Local fisherman makes this place more attractive with their boats.

The newly built beach is still crowded with the feeling of being a personal area. Renowned for its natural beauty, the reflection of the waves of the eastern ocean waves, the early morning sun, and Capturing every moment is very special for every photographer and local boating people with fishing make this more special.

I do not like crowded areas and if you are like me then this place is only for you. If you like someone and you want to spend your time with her then this place is special.

Being the tide high you can not swim and bathe but at Mandarmani beach you can do this.

The picturesque rows of trees that seem like they are against the beautiful beach are truly surreal and visible on Shankarpur Beach.

Long beach is common for every sea beach but I think in Shankarpur you will find more well-designed trees and fishing boats and this is the best beauty of this beach.

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Here also has a park with a beautiful tower that is made by the government of West Bengal, attracting more tourists’ eyes. Blessings of god make us happier and you will get it from here because temples are here.

Why you should visit Shankarpur Beach

The long stretch of shoreline, turquoise water, and a calm breeze, have made Shankarpur beach a prominent tourist destination in Bengal.

An important aspect of this beach is the project called Shankarpur Fishing Harbor which has played a major role in the infrastructural development of the area around the beach.

Located a short distance from the city, Shankarpur Beach is one of the few clean beaches in the state.

Spend some time walking in the sun, go for a swim in the clear water, or get involved in photography.

Walking down the beach decorated with casuarina trees can be enjoyed. Actually, I am getting hungry and I need to go for some delicacies food. If you want to come with me then let’s go to local seaside restaurants. Those restaurants’ food is really delicacies.

In the sea-beach area, you will spend your time at bars. Of course, on the Shankarpur beach bars and shacks already have. The beach is also bringing some water sports.


Shankarpur beach is characterized by a tropical climate and so, you can visit this place at any time of the year.

However, it is advised not to visit this place during the monsoon. In summer it stays humid and warm, in winter it gives cold and pleasant weather which is favorable for travel.

So, if you want to spend some time at Shankarpur beach, plan your vacation in the winter months. Also, if you look around in full moonlight, catch the tidal waves.

Eating destination

Shankarpur Beach offers a few meals that serve breakfast, dinner, and lunch. The place is also known for serving alcoholic beverages that contain coconut water as an ingredient.

You can also enjoy seafood that is available at beach restaurants.

This virgin beach is blessed with everything that can make your holiday memorable. Mostly known as the wide tree-lined beach, Sankarpur beach is also known for its red crabs.

These red crabs are seen when fishermen return from the beach. Crabs are seen attacking small fish with the prince.

So, if you are tired and looking for an offbeat destination, check out this exotic beach for a relaxing vacation. And without waiting, book the Digha Hotel today.

How to reach Shankarpur Beach

Sankarpur beach already creates good connectivity with almost all parts of the country for enjoyment.

It is easily accessible from Kolkata as it is well connected by train and bus services. All you have to do is take a train from Kolkata or Howrah station to Digha, which is located near Shankarpur beach.

Once you finish exploring this beach, you can also see Mandarmani beach located just 3 km away from Shankarpur.

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