Mangaldeep Eco Tourism Park – Best picnic spot 23

Why? Because this park is situated with beauty, river and a small forest. If you are willing to go to a riverside, where you want to enjoy beautiful nature then you can visit this park. MangalDeep Eco tourism park offers you peaceful nature with attractive looks.

The season makes more different and when we talk about the winter season then you must visit. If you are willing to come here, then come in winter.

Mangaldeep Eco Tourism Park

The beauty of this park relates to the feelings of near-earth. In February 2021, I had a stunning time here to spend my time. Sometimes we do not have a good place to enjoy a picnic. If you are searching for a picnic spot, this place is recommended for you. Do a picnic with your family and friends.

Many parks do not have the facility for parking vehicles but in Mangaldeep Eco Tourism Park, this facility is very good with a wide area. This place is a long green ground and the guards are always on duty here.

Mangaldeep Eco Tourism Park explore

Going with family for a picnic is a common fact. But with kids demands rides and seesaw, etc. Mangaldeep Eco Tourism Park will provide you that facilities including those (rides and, a seesaw).

Rides and seesaw facility for kids makes this park playground more attractive. Time will go and you can not recognize it because this place is so natural.

You can spend quality time with your kids, so don’t worry if you are doing worry about your kid’s enjoyment.

I love to ride boats. If you are like me then you will be happier to see the boating space. This island is on Hooghly and of course, your boat riding will be on Hooghly River.

I think this tourist spot needs to be reticent appropriately. What do you think about this beautiful picnic spot? Mangaldeep Eco Tourism Park was developed on this beautiful island.

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Every place has a unique beauty. The beauty of this MangalDeep Eco tourism park is the evening time. Just spend your time on the boat in the evening time for one time and this one time will bring you back repeatedly.

Enjoy the river

The next time I go to Kolkata I am going to take a cruise along the high river Hooghly.

Sunset will definitely be the best time to take a cross for anyone looking for a great photography opportunity in Kolkata.

And don’t worry if the boat above isn’t your choice. Passenger ferries also carry tourists up and down the Hooghly River.

Either way, it looks like an explosion and a telephoto lens opens up a lot of opportunities for great photos on both sides of the river.

However, as long as you take clear precautions, you will likely be treated for potential life-changing experiences.

Take care to keep yourself healthy and safe and be careful about whom you contact.

Come back to Mangaldeep Eco Tourism Park

It’s deep. So, here you can enjoy your time in pleasant weather. The perfect picnic spot required many things and all the requirements you can see here.

Yes, For visitors service is open. If you want to enjoy the ferry service you need to pay 30 INR per head. These 30 rupees allow you to ride one ride and it’s cool.

With the help of a ferry, you can enjoy the beautiful nature of the Hooghly river.

The most interesting thing is that the park is located on an island named Mangaldeep. That’s why this park people known by Mangaldeep or you can say “Mangaldeep Eco Tourism Park”.

The environment gives us the most enjoyment when we go for a picnic and you are going for a picnic, that place is well-known for its nature then you can prepare for a picnic with Mangaldeep Eco Tourism Park.

How to reach

If you want to come from Kolkata then garb Sealdah – Ranaghat route train and go to Payradanga station (Halt).

After the departure train, you can easily go to Mangaldeep Eco Tourism Park.

You can find this place near Payradanga railway station. The rain route is Sealdah – Ranaghat. From Payradanga station take Toto and give your 15-18 minutes to reach Hooghly river. To reach the final destination give your time 5 minutes more. In these 5 minutes, you will enjoy boating.

Mangaldeep Eco Tourism Park is far from Payradanga Railway station 5.3 km, where you can reach there by Van Rickshaw, Trekker, Car, and even on foot also.

Obviously, you will not go there on foot including me. Always we prefer the car or train.

Hope you enjoy yourself so much with your family or you’re loved once. Don’t forget to come here for a picnic.

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