Eco park Patna: Best loved and family park 22


Getting a beautiful place with lots of areas is always wanted when we talk about a place for spending some time or doing a picnic with our friends or our loved ones. In these cases, Eco park Patna will help you. This park has a vast green place with trees. A garden can never be … Read more

Shangrila water park: Best family water park in 2023


This blog post will give you all the information about Shangrila water park, Mumbai. Make sure to read the full blog post for clarification. Enjoy your weekend. In summer, most people like to enjoy their time with water. If you are from cities and don’t have access to your neighbor’s pool, then what will you … Read more

Papikonda national park: Carnivores and Herbivores


Papikonda national park has mythological significance because it was once the kingdom of the apes during the epic time of the holy Ramayana. The area was formerly known as Kishkinda, and its residents had assisted Lord Rama in bringing Sita back from Lanka. The park exists in the Eastern Ghats, one of India’s most luxuriant … Read more

Anandi water park: Full details including Entry Fee, Timings, Location


This park is named Mata Anandi Devi, and the temple is situated near this park. This place will give you the feel of Munnar waterfalls. In April 2002, Anandi water park started in Northern India. In Northern India, Anandi water park is the biggest water park, with a maximum number of sliders and events. Anandi … Read more

Mangaldeep Eco Tourism Park – Best picnic spot 23

Mangaldeep Eco Tourism Park feature image

Why? Because this park is situated with beauty, river and a small forest. If you are willing to go to a riverside, where you want to enjoy beautiful nature then you can visit this park. MangalDeep Eco tourism park offers you peaceful nature with attractive looks. The season makes more different and when we talk … Read more

Abakash Park – Best family park in Nadia

I love this place special for winter season best park for couples and also family children enjoy this place the nice tree. Address: Ranaghat, West Bengal 741201 Entry fee 10 rupees For taking pics 50 rupees and for taking videos 500 rupees. Abakash Park The city was a hundred and fifty years old, but it … Read more