Nashipur Rajbari – History speaks here.

Nashipur Rajbari

Nashipur Rajbari – This is not a palace it was the home of one of the landlords in this area. Elevations are made in such a manner so that it looks similar to Hazarduari palace but it now got close to it.

The palace is often referred to as a miniature version of the Hazarduari Palace due to its similarity in features.

Among them are the grand flight of stairs and the large vertical standing columns. Inside the palace, there was also a huge hall for entertainment, where personalities like Hirabai performed.

This place needs a lot of maintenance work to be done. An overall good one to visit with family.

Some details of Nashipur Rajbari

Nashipur Palace, just north of the Kathgola Jain Palace, is a small replica of the Hazarduari Palace. It is about 2.7 km away from Hazarduari Palace.

Nashipur Rajbari was the court place of the historically famous Raja Devi Sinha as a tax collector under the British East India Company.

The palace of age continues to carry a mysterious beauty with a detailed image of Hindu iconography. Nashipur Raj Estate was one of the largest zamindaris in Bengal.

Zamindari covers a wide area of Birbhum district, Murshidabad district, and Malda district in the present-day state of West Bengal, India.

A large part of the Rajshahi district is now and small protests in the Pabna and Bogura districts of present-day Bangladesh were under the Nashipur royal family.

The royal precinct occupies a large area and there is a Tagore house, including the Priyasipal temple, which contains the family deity, Sri Ramchandra Dev Tagore.

Each niche in the interior quadrangle of the Tagore house so that their style of worship was allowed to them a niche or house allowed.

The main building of the royal house is a two-story house with a great flight to the Stars. The large and spacious drawing room is furnished and furnished.

To meet Raj Barry, Viceroy Lord Curzon said: “I do not agree with you when you call your house a humble house. It is better than us. It’s better than us.

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This is a royal residence. King Devi Sinha built the old Raja Bari in 1776 AD. The present Raj Bari was built in 1865 by Raja Kirti Chandra Sinha Bahadur.

Jhulan festival is very popular to celebrate the divine love of Lord Radha-Krishna. Held at Nashipur Palace, the festival was conducted by the Hindu world community. The entrance fee for visitors is only 10 rupees.


It takes 19 minutes to travel from Berhampore to Nashipur Rajbari. The approximate driving distance between Berhampore and Nashipur Rajbari is 16 km or 9.9 miles or 8.6 nautical miles.

If you drive a car for visiting that place travel time will be referred to as the time is taken.

In the table above you will see the driving distance in different units called Kilometers, Miles, and Nautical Miles.

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The Nawab of Murshidabad, Sir Wasif Ali Mirza, built this beautiful palace a few steps ahead of the Hazarochari Palace and as his abode, located between the Hazarduari and the Dakskin Gate (South Gate).

It was built by Surendra Barat, a Bengali engineer, and Mr. Vivian, an officer of the Public Works Department of the Nadia River Division, and the building was managed and supervised.

A handsome iron railing encloses a garden space in front and the main entrance is a final Norman archway with an open-work iron door. In the earthquake of June 12, 1897, the upper floor collapsed in a matter of seconds.

It was repaired later but without your second floor. Adjacent to the palace were an artificial hill and a landscape garden, but now they cease to exist.

The marble and beautiful sculptural stairs of this palace are worth seeing.

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