Chawk Mosque – Hidden white mosque of Murshidabad 2023

Chawk Mosque

Chawk Mosque – Chawk means a shopping place or market square in shape and masjid means mosque. So the total sum up to a mosque in a market.

The mosque has been named so as it has a Chawk still surrounding it. This market is the principal market of the city of Murshidabad.

It is a five-domed Islamic-style architectural mosque. This place is only 600 meters (walking distance of 5 min.) away from Hazarduari Palace.

Some details of Chawk Mosque

The Chawk Mosque was built from 1757 to 1760 AD by Munni Begum, wife of Nawab Mir Jafar (1757-1760 and 1763 to 1765 AD).

It presents a colorful presence Even today in a postgraduate shape with five domes in the center and two square-end vaults on the side.

Both the exterior and interior of the mosque are decorated with vegetable motifs, cartouche type, and pile-shaped niches.

It is located to the southeast of Hazarduari Palace. Five streets with arched gateways lead to the sidewalk in front of the mosque, the square around the shops, known as the main market of the city.

This mosque is used for public prayers on the occasion of Eid-ul-Zoha and Eid-ul-Fitr. The ceremony of Ifdul Fitr is performed at the end of the great fast of thirty days of Ramadan in the 9th month of the Mohammedan year.

Multiple meals can be taken daily from dawn till sunset and at night. When the new moon is seen, the fast begins. The daily fast ends at sunset. (chawk mosque)

Earlier, one gun was fired from the palace and several guns were fired at food or prairie horses.

Munni Begum (or Mani Begum), the founder of this mosque, liked Clive and Hastings because of her eye-catching distribution and was styled “Mother-e-Company”, she received several gifts during her time, one of which was that of Rani Bhabani, a palanquin gifted 30 carriers during the service period, which they enjoyed in lieu of wages. (chawk mosque)

Munni Begum was a first-class woman who was given a separate allowance. These were called “Gaddinashin” Begums.

Since the time of Mir Zafar, there have been six first-class women and three-second class women.

Until 1769, the chief lady was Muni Begum, both windows of Mir Jafar, who received their monthly allowance of Rs. 12,000 and RS Rs. 8,000 respectively.

Fayez-un-Nisa or Walida Begum, widow of Mubarak-Ud-Daulah, Bohu Begum and Amir-un-Nisa Alis Dulhan Begum, wife of Ali Ja, Najib-un-Nisa Begum, widow of Wala Zaher, and Rice-un-Nisha Begum, widow of Humayun Zaher was Gaddinashin Begum.

Mummy Begum Mir Zafar gave Clive a big legacy she gave him. His artificial behavior was a lot to the East India Company and their employees.

Warren Hastings wrote to his wife from Bhagalpur: “I forgot to tell you that Munni Begum expressed her regret for your departure in a way that did not seem very normal to move beyond mere civilization.

I am pleased to hear that he has suffered as much on your account as his own loss on your departure and that he has denied the necessity. ” On behalf of the East India Company, the government treated Munni Begum with care and courtesy.

On his death, the government gave him a salute matching the years of his age.


Hazarduari Museum Rd, Shah Nagar, Lalbagh, Murshidabad, West Bengal 742149.

Architectural style: Islamic architecture.

Opened: 1767.

All of the palaces here are awesome if thinking about a trip here just go ahead, but after the lockdown, I don’t think this is safe to come here right Now, so take care of yourself and your family, &have fun by spending time with your family.

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