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My kids’ bucket list item to ride a roller coaster was finally crossed off when we visited the Land of Make Believe in Hope Township. Over 30 acres of reasonably priced fun can be found at this former dairy farm converted to an amusement park in 1954. It is full of kid-friendly roller coasters, ideal for my little coaster fans. Additionally, we all enjoyed that the park’s themed waterpark, Pirate’s Cove, allowed us to cool off. It was a simple day excursion. The most excellent part was that many rides and attractions had very short waits, allowing us to enjoy plenty of family time by doing everything at the park.

The Kids made a beeline for the rides when we arrived at The Land of Make-Believe. The first traditional rides were the Wishing Wheel Ferris Wheel, Carousel, and Tilt-A-Whirl. After that, there are some sweet kiddie rides. My kids’ first stop was the Magic Dragon, where they could choose how high or low to go. Next came the Red Baron, where my kids felt like pilots, and the Jump Around Frog, which hops and makes adorable frog noises as it moves. We increased the excitement on the Tornado, a fantastic spinning attraction, and then on the Rockin’, a model boat ride through a storm. The Thriller Roller Coaster served as the primary attraction, with just the proper amount of thrills and spills for us. My kids especially adored the Drop & Twist and the new Spinning Coaster (which also gave us great aerial views of the park). The courageous must experience the Scream Machine 360, which spins, twists, and even flips you upside down.

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Argh! Take a water adventure with pirates.

Land of Make Believe offers family-friendly

Scare one to death! One would be delighted to find that the Land of Make Believe’s amusement park tickets included entrance to the waterpark, so make sure to pack the suits. Some kids like riding tubes through waves, rapids, and waterfalls on Blackbeard’s Pirate Ship and Blackbeard’s River. Daring participants can be seen over at Blackbeard’s Pirate Fort who were getting 1,000 gallons of water dumped on their heads before sliding down the Pirate’s Plunge slide while the kids were playing in the Pirate’s Cove Wading Pool, which is the largest wading pool in the United States.

Christmas is celebrated in July.

One can visit Santa’s Barn to find out what they have been up to in the summer residence at the North Pole because every trip to the Land of Make-Believe is complete with a bit of holiday cheer. We took a break at Mama Santa’s Pizza and Rudolph’s Ice Cream Parlor after hanging out with the big guy and seeing how the sleigh was doing at Santa’s Aviation Shop. The kids adore the new maze and run about the Candy Cane Forest, full of life-size, vibrant candy canes—a terrific way to burn off some energy.

Visit the farm of Old MacDonald.

A charming barn with domestic farm animals is located amid the park as a homage to the dairy farm origins of Land of Make Believe. To visit and observe the animals and have shady locations to hide from the sun was a welcome change from the coasters and water park. Additionally, if older siblings go on rides, it’s an excellent area for smaller children to hang out. Many other animals were on the farm to visit, but the kids claimed that the cow was their favorite.

Back up a bit of time:

At Land of Make-Believe, there is a ton of history and huge thrills. After going into production for the first time in 1935, the Douglas DC-3 revolutionized air travel in the 1930s and 1940s. Due to its influence on the airline business and use in WWII, it was regarded as one of the most important transport aircraft ever built. One enjoys going here as a family since the kids can get inside the cockpit and would be thrilled to learn how Land of Make-Believe came to own it.  Riding the Paterson, New Jersey-built 1863 CP Huntington Civil War Train as one continues the historical theme.

How to prepare before you travel in the land of make believe

From Memorial Day until the weekend following Labor Day, The Land of Make Believe is open every day. The water park closes at 5:30 PM, and the hours are 10 AM to 6 PM. One discovers that visiting the entire park in a single day is simple and leaves plenty of time for the water park. Some rides have height restrictions, while children under three are only permitted on others, like the carousel, train, and water park. All-inclusive daily tickets, which include all the attractions and the waterpark, are reduced to $35 online or at the gate for everyone (kids under three are free). Remember that there are no rain checks or refunds and that all sales are final.

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