Vedic Village Kolkata | Best resort near Kolkata in 2022

In today’s busy life, we are in a depression time. Some are good, and some are bad, but nobody is in a happy situation. What can we do about this situation? Spend your time with you, make a trip, or you can hear your favorite music. (Vedic Village Kolkata)

It can’t help you solve your problem 100%, but it can reduce your stress and low energy time. Let’s make a plan for a trip where you will find a peaceful mind and time.

You can make your plan for the nearest place, or you can follow this article to get out of our current zone. In this article, we are going to explore Vedic Village Kolkata.

Vedic Village Kolkata is a calm place with green nature. You can come here with your family or with your loved one. Let’s see the location.

Vedic Village Kolkata location

Kolkata, Newtown, is the nearest (20 KM) place to the Vedic village. A place where you will get eco and modern life’s environment. Vedic village Kolkata is covered with a green area with neat and clean.

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There are two restaurants in this Vedic village. One is called Agnee, and another is called Bhoomi, and Bhoomi is special for Bengali people. In the Bhoomi restaurant, you will only get Bengali food, and this restaurant is covered with soil structure.

The Vedic village is Far from the city’s noise and your busy life. Playground, swimming pool, peaceful area, indoor and outdoor sports are available here.

I love this place primarily because of the nature and good facilities. I am not saying you will love this place, but your mind will say, “WOW after visiting this place.”

Let’s go inside Vedic Village…

Entry gate and parts

I want to ensure you that if you are willing to visit this wonderful place, you should xerox your documents such as voter card/aadhar card and driving license (Your necessary documents).

The hospitality of Vedic village workers is excellent. At the entry gate, you have to show your documents in xerox. Do it, and let’s go inside to explore this new place.

The entry road is divided into many routes. You don’t need to be confused; beside the Ganesh murti, you will see a board with the road direction. You can easily mark your destination from this board.

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Maybe you will see some under-construction buildings here and some cottages; you can if you want to go there. In our case, we are only interested in visiting the exciting area.

Inside Vedic village Kolkata

It doesn’t matter, if you are alone or have come with your family, and your full-time will go through a magical enjoyment. A water pool with crystal clear water makes this place more attractive.

Earth villas

If you go street from the pool area, you will see many earth villas made of soil, bamboo, straw, wood, etc.

On the opposite side of these earth villas, you will see a balcony, and from the balcony, your eyes will see the fantastic view of the downside of the villas.

Lake view villa

Village people will love this villa the most. But if your root family is living in the countryside, you can also understand the night sound of this villa.

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At nighttime, frogs sing for their mates, and this sound will remain the time of the village. For us, this sound is good, and we can’t talk about you.

A large window is open to the lake. You can open or close this window as per your wish. Here are the facilities of this lake-view villa:

Aqua Room

The whole property is connected with minor routes. The Aqua room outside design is cool and awesome. We don’t know which method was that. Some small green grass covered those houses.

When you are coming with a group of people or friends, you should go to aqua home. 6-12 people can easily spend their time here. Every room is connected by three to four spacious accommodating bedrooms with individual attached bathrooms. In the center of that room, you will get a hangout space. A private swimming pool makes this offer special.

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It’s hard to cover all the properties within one post, but when you come here, you can see the mind-blowing scenery, which will be more attractive at sunset time.

Games room

Some favorite playing facilities are here, including table tennis, carrom, chess, pool, etc. You can play anything, as you wish. All these games require a partner. So, please come with your favorite one to make your time better.

I don’t know which one you will love most, but we will love to play chess in our case, and some of my friends are comfortable with the pool. Because this is the first time, they are playing pool.

Tea area

It’s not only a cafe area, but you can also find different types of cake. We will highly recommend this place to sweet lovers because this place only makes a massive difference for sweet lovers.

Chai is situated near the reception of Vedic Village Kolkata. Chai is the cafe’s place, but for the lobby and a perfect place to have chai, this place is called chai.

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They serve many unique blends of tea & coffee And promote it as synonymous with our state and our “adda” culture in a far more sophisticated manner.

Packages of Vedic Village Kolkata

The Vedic village offers you three types of packages. Those are wedding packages, Ayurveda packages, and Summer retreat packages. If you hover over the packages section you can see the prices. You can do it from here.

How to arrive

If you come by bus then you have to take the Polarhat bus from Shyambazar, Kolkata or you can take the 211 number bus from Aaheretola.

If you are coming by car or bike, then you have to take the route from Rajarhat chowmatha, turn right to street Lauhati, and from Lauhati, take a right.


Vedic Village Kolkata is the best relaxing place with 400 acres, outstanding. If you are near Kolkata, you should visit this place at least once.

All the resources you will need to relax your mind and body are available here. Maybe you are getting stuck just for the price; then you are missing something big.

For more info, we will update this post soon.

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