Sabuj Deep A Fascinating deep on Ganga in 2023

Sabuj deep is created naturally (flood) in 1977. Later 1990 State Government and Hoogly Zela Porisod decide to make this place a tourist spot. Actually, this place is under the fisheries department.

We know this place is made of two rivers one is Bahula and another one is Hoogly river. Yes, this is that river that you have read about in books. In today’s date, this river is now in the last stage.

On the front side of Sabuj Deep, you will see Vagirothi-Ganga and on your left side, you will see Behula river. But local people say this is not Behula river, this is the branch of Vagirothi.

Where to stay

Sabuj deep tourist point
AC and Non AC Room , Resturuant or local tour.
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Feri or local boats

Why? Feri will cost you 60 rupees per head and the local boat will cost you 200 rupees per head. If you have a money problem then Feri is good but if you don’t have a money problem then the local boat is absolutely good.

Within February 2022 the Feri facility will be available and for now no Feri facility. The exact season is winter. In the winter season, local boats will cost you low.

If you are coming here (Sabuj Deep) in the offseason then the local boat is the only option. We had arranged a local boat and the boat owner is too good. The name of the boatman is Suvankar Sardar.

This boatman was always with us. We were talking with this man. If you are lucky, you can see Dolphin. We have seen it, it’s your turn. You will see some fishermen fishing on Ganga.

Feri will take little time to come on Sabuj Deep and obviously, local boats will take more time. But you can enjoy it more if you are on the local boat.

First impression

People say including me first impression is the best impression. The first impression of Sabuj Deep is a tourist tower covering the Ganga by eyes. Not only Ganga you can see but you can also see the beauty of Sabuj Deep.

You can climb here or you can ignore it. To make your time more enjoyable you can do this. We have climbed here and we have a great view.

Next, you will see a small tin house, and obviously, this is old. On your left side, you will see a small bride-to-stop boat with a big signboard named thank you.

Now you are in the construction area and you will see so many rooms are under construction. The current construction company making this place more attractive by making many small rooms, hotels, guest houses, and more.

A beautiful entrance bank of Ganga with a long tower and then 30 seconds footstep later ongoing construction makes the first impression bigger.

You can perform dance on Sabuj Deep

This line will force your mind to think. On one deep how can it be possible? I have the same doubts. After watching the performance place I have cleared now.

You are on the Sabuj Deep and you are willing to arrange a dance program with your friends, you can easily do that. People where sit, people where they stand already have. This stage of construction will make your fun next level.

It’s up to you how you will make your fun with your friends or later. Everything that you need to have a fun, enjoyable, and memorable time with your loved one or family, or friends, you will get on Sabuj Deep.

Sabuj Deep is an evergreen picnic spot

In West Bengal, Sabuj Deep is one of the best places to make a memorable picnic with friends. The nature you need, the elements you need all you will get from here. This is different if you want to come here with all the elements that you need to make the picnic.

The department of here, who are taking care of this place will provide you picnic needed elements. This is a very good point.

When you will do picnic here, you will feel the green forest environment. This will be good if you do your picnic beginning part of Sabuj Deep. Under the Manila tamarind or Blackbeed tree (Khoia Babla), you can choose.

We visited this place in October last. That’s because this place is no man sound. Let’s back to our main topic. After finishing your cooking, you can for beautiful nature.

Birds, huge trees, old houses, and the sweet sound of Ganga will give you the perfect feeling of a picnic. Here are some images that you can explore at the end time of your picnic.

I will recommend those people who are really interested in nature. Otherwise, you will boring. We always expect fun from a picnic but when beauty is mixed with fun, the picnic will be next level.

Sabuj Deep for birds lover

Birds play a significant role in your nature. They are within our ecosystem. Eating insects to garbage, they are not only creating the beauty of nature but they are making our nature clean also.

But this is useless for telecom companies. We all know this, let’s keep our eyes on the Sabuj Deep. No one is here to hunt. On the other side, the Ganga river always gives them enough food to eat.

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The Ganga is a bird’s hotel and Sabuj Deep is a bird’s home. This hotel and home are so close to living a better life for birds. When you will come to Sabuj Deep, you will see there are huge birds.

The condition is you have to go to the middle point to see the appearance of birds. The appearance of birds makes cyclone sounds. All ground places are full of shit.

From here you can easily guess, how many birds are here.

Sabuj Deep to make adventure time

We can’t tell others’ opinions but we are adventure lovers. The old house of Sabuj Deep will give you adventure and the amazon jungle feelings. We have seen old houses before watching birds.

At first, this place was under a construction company. But they have some misunderstandings and for this reason, they warped. Now the houses they had made are giving an adventure feeling.

From here you can do the photoshoot. But take care of every footstep when you are in this old house. We came here in the offseason, and for that, there is no guard. Maybe, when you will come, you can see the guards.

Guards will not allow you to climb up on the old house because you will be injured. So, to do a photoshoot here, you have to come in the off-season.

I can’t talk about you, just look at the image. This is just fire fell. If you are an adventure lover then you can probably stay at night. If you are afraid of ghosts then this place will shock you.

Death trees make this middle point area more adventurous. You are planning to come here, but if you are six or eight months late then these dead trees will vanish. When I am in this place, my mouth says just one word “Wow”.

Kids will love this place

I think this line is not perfect for now. Because construction is in the ongoing process. Kids are always nature lovers. If you focus on their playground, they always choose a place where it looks like a jungle.

After the Amphan tornado, this place looks unhealthy. Just look at the image below. In the image you can see, all of the kid’s playgrounds are full of taro trees.

I am not suggesting you come here now. When this place will clean and the construction will close you can come with your kids to give them some enjoyable moments.

This post is written in October 2021. If you are willing to come here, then you need to come hereafter closing the construction works.

If you focus on the tree and the ground then you can see the elephant and graf, and on the tree branches, you can see the gorilla. But the bad side is, all of this is begging for a helping hand.

They are trying to make this deep more attractive. Just think, all of these kids’ entertainment elements are good then this place will look more beautiful and your kids will love this place to come.

How to reach

If you are coming from Shaldah or Hawra, this is so easy to come here for you. Come to Shaldah to Somra Bazar or Balagarh by direct train. Then take a Toto or you can do footstep for 10 minutes to arrive at Sukharia village or Sabuj deep para par Ghat.

From Balagarh Station the fare for a Toto is 15 rupees. If you are coming from Ranaghat then you can use a Motor van. First, come to Ranaghat to Habibpur then take a Toto and go to Purono Habibpur or Iskcon Temple.

Call a Motor van and tell him you are willing to go to Balagarh ghat. The motor van will cost you 25 rupees and you are ready to go ghat. Feri or boat will cost you 5 rupees to cross the Ganga.

From the bank of the Ganga Toto will cost you 15 rupees to arrive at Sukharia village or Sabuj deep para par Ghat.

Note: If you are late (after 6 PM) to come to your home then you can’t get any motor van from Balagarh ghat. Take to Toto and say to him, you will go to BDO hall and the Toto will cost you 10 rupees.

From BDO hall, you will get a Motor van and then go for Purono Habibpur (20 rupees).

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