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Kathgola Palace – Pareshnath Temple

Pareshnath Temple – Interested in history? In the battle of Palashi, Mir Jafar was betrayed. The battle was fought on 26 June 1757, where the last independent Nawab of Bengal, Siraj-Ud-Daulah, was wrongly defeated; Is it easy for the British to start their colony in India?

Until then, the place you have to go is Murshidabad – the city of the Nawabs. In Murshidabad, Kathgola Palace is one of the best places to visit.

Located on the banks of the river Bhagardi, just 5 km from Hazarduari, this palace stands with all its heritage and glory.

Kathgola Palace A four-story ornamental palace building in Kathgola Udyan. It has a small pond and a ‘Bauli’ or steep well, usually invisible in this part of the country.

It is said that once the garden had the most unusual black rose but now it has only mango trees. Inside the huge garden is a statue of Michelangelo.

This historic palace was built by Lakshmipat Singh Dugar, who was close to Jagat Seth – a wealthy financier and businessman.

It was here that William Watts met the traitor Mir Zafar in 1757, just three days after the Battle of Plassey, to discuss the promises he had made before the 17th Historic War.

The palace is full of glory. It has ornate fruit with extremely valuable paintings, priceless patterns, furniture, and decorative mirrors. (Pareshnath Temple)

The Adinath Temple, also known as the Pargo Nath Temple or Kathgola Temple, is located inside the huge Kathgola Garden.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Adhiswara and has a 90 cm white idol in Padmasana style. The statue is believed to be at least 900 years old.

Along with this, there are 17 more idols of Jain Tirthankars.

Pareshnath Temple

After a few hours at Hazarduari Palace, we set off for the Adinath Temple in Kathgola Udyan. It is included in the list of places to visit in Murshidabad.

Kathgola, the name comes from wood (wood) and Gola (warehouse), there was a wooden garden that existed in this place before a palace was built and Kathgola Garden has a palace, orchard, a small zoo, and a Jain temple.

The owner of the horse-drawn carriage told us that photography might be allowed in these places, so we decided to visit the woods garden.

And thanks we had an uninterrupted photo session here.

With an onion-shaped dome, the Jain temple looks great from a distance. It is well maintained.

Prayers are performed here every day. This Pareshnath Temple is dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankara, Lord Habshav.

The place calms us and calms us down like tired travelers.

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The architecture of the Pareshnath Temple is unique, a mixture of local Bengali architecture, Rajasthani, Mughal, and European styles.

The domes of this temple have a clear influence on the Mughal style while the masks have a European bungalow style.

The interiors are typical Rajasthani-style Jain interiors with Rajasthani-style sculptures and Bengali plasterwork.

Inside the temple are 17 images of Jain Tirthankara and other deities.

Mosaic floors and stained glass doors are also several centuries old. The creator Rai Bahadur Lakshmipat Singh was a Rajput of the Dugar Chauhan dynasty.

There are interesting stories about him, and some strong beliefs. Lakshmipat Singh had a very high reputation and was much trusted by everyone.

Exactly on the basis of his verbal bond, “1 ox bullock cart gold bullet” was sent to the palace which could help him in the financial crisis he was suffering from.

The nearest airport to Murshidabad is Kolkata Dum Dum Airport with a distance of 200 km.

And the nearest railway station is Berhampur Court in Murshidabad district. There are regular buses from Kolkata to Berhampur.

Other names of this temple are Pareshnath Temple and Kathgola Temple. You may need to mention these names to the rickshaw drivers to reach the tour destination.

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