Historical Amazing Jiaganj Museum in Murshidabad 2023

Jiaganj Museum

Great collection in West Bengal including golden ancient manuscripts, coins, carving weapons on rock, showing different types of sculptures that are made of rock in Jiaganj Museum.

Murshidabad district declares Jiaganj’s location on the Bhagirathi river and you will find the jurisdiction under the Lagbagh ‘Mahakuma’ (subdivision).

A long time ago Jiaganj had international importance because of the trace center.

Rai Bahadur Surendranarayan Singh the man of archeology, music, and fine arts is the main person of the Jiaganj museum who had done so much hard work only for built this amazing museum insight.

We can only make guesses about the great work of Rai Bahadur Surendra Narayan Sing. He is a man of appreciation. Only one man makes the Murshidabad district for archeological studies. To make this type of center needs to put so much inspiration and passion and here is the same.

Rai Bahadur Surendra Narayan Sing takes motivation from Rakhaldas Bandyopadhyay and Gurudas Sarkar who were classmates. Gurudas Sarkar was a historian and researcher, and Rakhaldas Bandyopadhyay was an archeologist.

Rai Bahadur Surendra Narayan Sing brings sculptures that were scattered all over Murshidabad. Those are not about sculptures, those are all about the hidden beauty of ancient. One thing you need to clarify is that the place of brings all of that is Rai Bahadur Surendra Narayan Sing’s house called Nehalia.

To create a committee for his collection, on 17 August 1960, Rai Bahadur Surendra Narayan Singh arrange a meeting at Nehalia and keep proposing in front of the meeting.

Well-known and reputed people are involved in this committee including high-ranking government officials.

Jiaganj Museum is surrounded by some arguing about the name. Some people call the museum ‘Surendranarayan Singh Nehalia Museum’ and on the other side some of called this museum as well Jiaganj Museum. By arguing about the museum name, some of the donors were not convinced to donate their own collections.

Murshidabad District Museum name was suggested after getting deliberation and the suggested name was thought by Kamal Bandyopadhyay.

The mainland of the museum was given by Rai Bahadur Surendra Narayan Singh. The total size of the museum’s land is unclear but the committee had tried to make the land size 1900 square meters.

The Government Of India and the state government give permission to start construction and it starts in 1964-65.

The construction of the museum was slow and it takes a concerted effort to arrange conveniences and then it was open to the public.

Lately, final tries have been made to preserve artifacts recovered from the archives (which were about smuggling).

In the district of Murshidabad, different police station takes the charge of the rare artifacts museum that has made much effort.

Things that need minds and sculptures are collected from the police station of Jiaganj. District Magistrate, ancient manuscripts are helped to finish this job.

Efforts made the Jiaganj Museum more attractive because you will see here different types of musical instruments of different types of indigenous. Not only musical instruments but you will find here different folk cultures sculptures.

Jiaganj Museum Collection

When we are enjoying the view of sculptures, we have seen 800 AD to 1200 AD Vishnu’s black stone carved with many numbers. They are saying the art of the old days.

In the Jiaganj Museum, you will see two galleries and those are displaying the sculptures of the Pala-Sen period. This will force you to think more.

Do you know what is the oldest sculpture in the Jiaganj museum? If not, no problem the oldest sculpture is Vishnu. The statue of Vishnu you will see here in a standing pose with vigorous pictographic.

Seven snakes always growing adorned with the hood that is made by the seven snakes. The four arms hold the conch, the wheel, the mace, and the lotus.

The style of carving differs from the others, the statue indicates the time of the sculpture. Subsequent plastic is more ornate. (Jiaganj Museum)

According to ornaments, 24 categories made the Vishnu sculpted: 1) Madhusudana, 2) Damodara, 3) Kesava, 4) Hari, 5) Hrishikesha, 6) Aniruddha, 7) Narayana, 8) Padmanabha, 9) Madhava, 10) Narudevam, 11) Adhokshaja, 12) Sri Krishna, 13) Gobinda, 14) Janardana, 15) Nrisimha, 16) Trivikrama, 17) Sridhara, 18) Upendra, 19) Pradumnya, 20) Sarikashan, 21) Purushottama, 22) Achyuta, 23) Vishnu, 24) Vamana

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Can you guess the next one (sculpture)? Gadudaruha Narayan with four armed is the next one. I was shocked to hear this sculpture dates. Do you know that? That is 1200 AD.

Sudarshana Chakra, Gada (maca), Shankha (conch shell), and lotus (Padma) is the weapon of God Vishnu. He is holding Sudarshana Chakra on his right rear hand and on his left rear hand he is holding Shankha (conch shell). God Vishnu is holding Gada (maca) in his lower left hand and on his half-fold right hand is holding a lotus (Padma).

With crowns, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces the God Vishnu is looking adorned., sitting on the grandfather and bed with ornaments near the Orissa manner.

Chakra Purusha and Sankhya Purusha with Sarawati and Lakshmi are shown to Vishnu.

Stella shows a celebrity and a learned couple rising from the clouds. Stella carved with more central statues of Gaza-Bays-Meyr.

A man and a woman are on either side of the foot, grooved and deeply meditating.

In the center position of the foot, you will find a five-petalled lotus bud. The measurement of the sculpture is 131 cm x 63 cm x 20 cm.

The museum has a relatively irresistible image of Narayani. A twelfth-centurion Indian stone statue depicts a goddess entering Gaduda with her wings open.

I am a little bit confused here to find out a weapon of the upper arms because the upper arms were missed by the bad environment. So, I do not know what actually had on that hands.

The ornament is easy, the spirit wears ear-Kuntal, cure, sacred thread, etc .; Gaduda bracelet, decorated with festoon.

Sari looks really good on the dryad while her upper body is looking good on the Gaduda dhoti with a kind of scarf hanging. The total body measure is about 80 cm x 35 cm x 14 cm.

The most notable of the museum’s Buddhist sculptures is the Indian stone image of Tara back in 1200 AD.

In the over-coin, the Dryed is on the lotus and the sitting position is one hand. I am not clear about another one is maybe holding the lotus. (Jiaganj Museum)

Looking amazing view with delicate ornaments – crowns. garlands, armlets, wristlets, bracelets, and anklets. (Jiaganj Museum)

The ornaments are detailed, for example, have you looked at the goddess’s toes? Toes with ornaments are beautiful.

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