largest and marvel Iskcon temple Mayapur 7 minutes tour

Iskcon temple Mayapur is one of the famous devotee places in West Bengal. Srila Prabhupada is the head person who made this big Hindu Religion community that you called Iskcon. It’s not a problem where you are. You can come here or you can read our blog post. Reading a blog post or gathering information about a place where you want to visit is a great option. This is the main reason we have made this blog website.

iskcon temple Mayapur

Without further delay let’s visit the world’s largest Iskcon headquarters Iskcon temple Mayapur. To reach Mayapur Iskcon you can take the help of a Bus, Toto (local vehicle) even you can come here on your own Byke and Car. Don’t Need to take any kind of panic about your vehicle because a parking facility is available here.

In the taken picture you can see the Parking area. After parking your vehicle you will get a token that you have to show when you need to take your car.

Iskcon temple Mayapur

iskcon temple Mayapur

In the main gate, you can see a big poster that will welcome you to Iskcon Mayapur. We entered Iskcon Mayapur with the help of 6 number gate. Hey! are you with me? I know you are. Have you parked your car, we have. It’s time to go inside to make great memories.

After parking our car we start our footsteps. Have you seen the Guesthouse, this is really big. You can see this house on your left side that is orange in color.

Some people are looking from the window, you can see the same from this shared image. Just passing some more footsteps you can see a small way of going inside the main temple and of course we have to grab the way to reach there.

From here you can see the beautiful view of the inside. Fresh air is pushing us. All of this area is neat and clean. Thanks, Iskcon Mayapur temple community to make this such kind of clean environment.

The pinnacle of the main temple is looking really amazing. Let’s go ahead.

Clean and way of Iskcon temple Mayapur

All-time you will see here a huge amount of visitors. Look at your left and right side you will see so many things like us. The main temple is still under construction. We have known from the community, the main temple construction task will finish in 2022.

Srila Prabhupada’s poster is everywhere including Radha-Krishna. If you are a smoker you do not have any kind of permission to smoke here. You will see a poster is saying not to smoke in the Iskcon Mayapur temple area.

If you do you have to put a big amount of fine.

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We are on the main route and on the last side of this route we have seen a Bullock cart. If you want you can take a ride on this cart. Hope you will have a good experience with this bullock cart. We are not interested to ride on this, we are decided to go with footsteps.

Have any kind of pain or want to ride in a vehicle don’t worry Toto service is available here.

Street Food

Hopefully good news for street food lovers. If you are one of them then you can easily get your loved item from here. At the last point of the main way, you will get here. All-time the food stall is crowded. The water balls shop is the most popular one. Here you will get different types of water balls. Choose your favorite one.

From the front side of the water balls, you will see a restaurant and if you want to finish your lunch you will get your lunch from here.

ISKCON temple Mayapur

Nityananda Kutir

It’s a common reason you will come here from a long distance. You have already come here but you don’t know where to stay. We had the same problem after arrival. But the community of Iskcon temple Mayapur solves this problem instantly.

You can contact them through the picture phone number. You will have all facilities that you will need. You will get good room service at a cheap rate. You can play or spend your time on the right side playground. Some local boys are playing football when we are there.

This Nityananda Kutir route is connected with Sri Mayapur Goshala.

Sri Mayapur Goshala

After watching Nityananda Kutir now we are going for Goshala. We are very close to going there, we are on our way. But if you are coming from the water balls area then you will pass 470 meters to come. If you don’t like to walk then you can take Toto or Bullock cart.

Most of the people are using Toto and some Bullock’s carts.

Big green trees, a clean way, and healthy air is our best friend when we are walking. People are taking pictures, and doing video calls with their families with pleasant smiles. All of the people have a positive attitude.

When we are walking for Goshala, we have seen Srila Prabhupada Ashram on our left side.

ISKCON temple Mayapur

Visitors don’t have permission to go inside this ashram. We are still waking to reach and sometimes we are watching some foreign country people doing kirtan. They are all-time sunken with the name of God Krishna.

Finally, we reached our Goshala destination. It’s time to explore Goshala. Let’s go inside. Hey! are you with us?

On the front side of Goshala, you will see a calf milking from his mother cow. 3-4 Bullock carts are standing here. Inside Goshala, you will see a milk food-related shop. We have bought kheer and the kheer is so delicious. You should give it a try.

The goshala is upstairs. Small, big size of cows and some of the calf you will see in the Goshala.

Our mind is full of confusion when we saw this cow. A devotee is touching the big cow but the cow is silent and does not have any kind of hesitation.

ISKCON temple Mayapur

Not only this image you will be surprised when you will see this image that I am going to share in front of you.

ISKCON temple Mayapur

Have you ever seen this type of cattle horn? I have seen but they are so small compared to this horn. This is exciting in my opinion, I do not what is your opinion. Let’s go ahead and explore Goshala more.

People are feeding them and taking pictures with the cow. In the Goshala area, there are 17 rooms for cows. People are always gathering here and there. If you want you can donate here. Very fast at the entrance, you will get a donation poster.

Let’s go downside. As I told you before we have eaten kheer from here and that was so delicious.

ISKCON temple Mayapur

We have done the Goshala visit and it’s time for departure. By watching all the beautiful scenery we are going to Sri Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir.

Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir

Some people say this is A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada’s shrine place. The devotee and the visitor always make crowded this place. A big lotus with some swans makes the pinnacle more attractive.

The camera is not allowed inside. So, we can’t take any pictures of the inside but we have seen them. All of the statue that has inside you will really love. I love the fishing area much, hope you do also.

In the pond area, there is a boating system, if you want you can take a ride. It’s time to have some food and gloom is coming. We are so sad because we are unable to finish clearly. Roadside is full of your desired market.

People are doing their market. We will do it next time because we don’t have much money (😁). We are just observing, next time we will.


Iskcon temple Mayapur is not a visiting place, it’s a great place for devotees. People always come here to make a positive mindset. A great spiritual place with a God-gifted environment.

You are suffering from depression and you don’t have a happy time with yourself. We will highly recommend you to visit this place.

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