Eco park Patna: Best loved and family park 22

Getting a beautiful place with lots of areas is always wanted when we talk about a place for spending some time or doing a picnic with our friends or our loved ones.

In these cases, Eco park Patna will help you. This park has a vast green place with trees. A garden can never be fully optimized for couples, or you’re loved ones because children and Oldman also come to the park to spend some time with their family.

But besides all of these, you will get a required place for your friends; some people will take this line as an OYO room. Don’t do this type of mistake.

Two small ponds and some different design makes this place more attractive. Not only has another format, but this park also has a neat and clean environment.

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With the small pond and riding facilities, kids will enjoy this place. The ticket price of eco park Patna makes this place affordable price.

Ticket price and location of Eco park Patna

Eco park Patna is usually open at 5 AM for those who are coming here for walking, jogging, and other exercises. This will happen from 5 to 8 AM and then the visitor can enter this park.

During these three hours, you don’t have to pay any money because this time is for local people who are willing to do exercise as I told you. After 8 PM how much do you have to pay, you can see this in the chart below.

Ticket price

Entry fee and others

The entry fee is ₹ 20 per head (adult)
Children Free (under 5 years of age)
Digital Camera Charges ₹ 50
Video Recording Charges ₹ 2000

Boating Charges

2 seater paddle boat charges (for 30 minutes) ₹ 30
4 seater paddle boat charges (for 30 minutes) ₹ 50
2 seater paddle boat charges (for 20 minutes) – Sunday ₹ 30
4 seater paddle boat charges (for 20 minutes) – Sunday ₹ 50

Aqua Zorbing rates

Kids below 12 years of ₹ 40
The kid above 12 years of ₹ 60


J428+X2W, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Rajbansi Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800015


If you are traveling via private car, parking is available near gate no. 3

1,445 meters of pathway
1,191-meter jogging track

Number of visitors

Between 3,000 and 5,000 visitors on normal days.
Sundays and special days attract larger numbers (6,000 to 9,000).

The price can be up and down and to be sure you can ask the respective authority. You can see in the chart many activities are available. It’s up to you, what will you choose.

Facilities at Eco Park Patna

The total area of Eco park Patna is 9.18 hectares. The park is divided by a road and these two-part are interconnected through a tunnel.

Facilities at Eco Park Patna

You will see the children’s park in the first part, including the food area. The monthly visitor of Eco park Patna is 1 lakh. Here is the list of all sections:

  • A children park
  • Fountains
  • Play area
  • Food court
  • Cafeterias, etc.

And in the second part, you will see

  1. A restaurant
  2. boating lake
  3. Rashi Van and Kali Van
  4. Guru Vatika
  5. Panchwati

So, the second part represents a theme park. Holidays and weekends will be more crowded than other days. Be sure to come here except on those days if you don’t like a crowded area.

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This park is a big area and drinking water is very important. You have access to water and a washroom for free. So, don’t need to worry about drinking water.

Sometimes, you have to face crowds to enter the Eco park Patna and for this reason, they have made various ticket counters outside of the park. Simply take your ticket and enjoy 3000+ plants, flowers, and a beautiful park.

Here are some more facilities:

  • Zipline
  • Bamboo structure
  • Side rides
  • Climb ride
  • Skating
  • Swings
  • Open gym

All of these facilities make this park for all kinds of people. No matter who is coming with you even children, you can spend your time fully.


A good place for your family and your partner. You can enjoy your full-time here. Park at an affordable price and a beautiful one. A huge place and green area are always marked as a relaxing place and Eco park Patna is the same one.

To make your weekend make sure to visit this place. Don’t need to worry about parking places, ticket prices, and your privacy. You will get your best one.

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