The 10 Best Munnar Waterfalls for Ultimate Adventure

Munnar, a town and a hill station in the Idukki district of Kerala is filled with natural greenery and its waterfalls is a town that will touch your soul. In Munnar, you must visit some waterfalls if you are looking for places to visit.

I’ve enlisted the 10 best Munnar waterfalls for your next adventure, so you can enjoy every second spent in Munnar.

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Munnar waterfalls circumscribe Cheeyappara waterfalls, Valara Waterfalls, Thoovanam waterfalls, Attukal waterfalls, Lakkam waterfalls, Kuthumkal waterfalls, Chinnakanal waterfalls, Nyayamakand waterfalls, Keezharkuthu waterfalls, and many more.

Munnar provides you with a variety of sights and sounds because of its beautiful forest and waterfalls. Some spectacular waterfalls include Lakkam, Valara, Attukad, Thoovanam Waterfalls, each more stunning than the other.

In Munnar, which is already breathtakingly beautiful, the presence of so many waterfalls only adds to its appeal. In contrast to the bustle of the city, Munnar waterfalls offer peace and solitude.

You should visit Munnar waterfalls just after monsoon season when they are at their most picturesque and surrounded by silvery mist and are at their most voluble.

Now let’s look at today’s top 10 best Munnar waterfalls one by one.

1. Cheeyappara Waterfalls

There’s no strong reason for putting Cheeyappara Waterfalls at #1 of my list of best Munnar waterfalls. But let me tell you, it’s the first one you see on the way to Munnar from Kochi. Water stream falls from the top of the mountain to a pond at the bottom after hitting seven large rocks.

Located at: Kochi – Madurai Highway, between Neriamangalam and Adimali, Munnar, Idukki, Kerala. The waterfalls are located nearly around 42kms from Munnar on Aluva-Munnar Road.

In this list of the best Munnar waterfalls, Cheeyappara waterfall is on the list that you don’t want to miss.

Here’s a brief description of the scenic beauty:

  •  The waterfall consists of seven tiers cascading down the cliff and is one of the most stunning sites in the world. Undoubtedly a sight to behold, both from the downside and the upper view.
  • While driving by the highway, the sound of Cheeyappara falls won’t let you pass through without taking a good amount of your time and attention. You have to stare at the flow of water falling after slamming into seven different rocks. And the sound… ahh!
  • A dense forest surrounds the Cheeyappara waterfalls, and this lush greenery adds to the beauty of nature making it worth enlisting in the top 10 Munnar waterfalls. The forest covers nearly 2 acres. One can enjoy trekking and mountaineering through this densely grown forest all around amidst several plants, trees, and animals in the vicinity. These will definitely give ‘em an adrenaline rush in the middle of nature.

Things to do in Cheeyappara :

  • Trekking, rock climbing & mountaineering: Cheeyappara and Valara waterfalls are among the most favorite Munnar waterfalls for the Trekkers. Climbing up the hills or rocks of CHeeyappara waterfalls along with exploring the scenic beauty of the beautiful creation of nature gives another level of enjoyment.
  • Picnic Spot : Few picnic spots are also available near the waterfalls where you can enjoy with your family or travel enthusiast friends.
  • Photography isn’t just an option these days, rather it’s a must nowadays…

Finding your way there :

  • Nearest Airport : Cochin International Airport.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Aluva (108 km from Munnar) and Angamaly (109kms from Munnar)
  • Bus Stand: 38kms from Munnar Bus stand

I’ve given the most important pieces of information and a transportation guide to reach the Cheeyappara waterfalls. If you want to reach there, find your own pathway accordingly. You can go by bus and come via flight? hire a cab from the airport as well.

2. Valara Waterfalls

You can find this amazing 1000ft high waterfall coated with lush greenery just after a 1.5kms drive from Cheeyappara towards Munnar from the Kothamangalam side.

The second waterfall that comes across to glimpse by the side of Kochi-Dhanushkodi highway (NH 85, old numbering NH 49) is Valara waterfalls, which earned its name at #2 of my list of best Munnar waterfalls.

Located at: Located between 23kms away from Neriamangalam (in the west) and 14kms from Adimali (in the east), this waterfall is just 1.5kms right away from Cheeyappara waterfalls.

This waterfall is around 39-40kms from Munnar in the Idukki district of Kerala. The fall is on the same way to Cheeyappara falls on Kochi-Dhanushkodi highway (NH 85, old numbering NH 49)

About Valara waterfalls : 

  • We can’t see its magnificent vicinity from the roadside like the Cheeyappara falls as it is distant from the road. If you visit the spot, you can witness a series of remarkable waterfalls, including the sublime Cheeyappara waterfalls. The spot is 42 kilometers from Munnar. 1000 ft high mountain spouts water makes it remarkable out of remnant Munnar waterfalls.
  • In addition to Valar Falls, the Thottiyar Hydroelectric Project can be a fun tourist destination for those who enjoy engineering wonders and megastructures.There is a lake and captivating scenery surrounding this project by the Kerala Electricity Board.
  • Witnessing water jets plunge into a forested gorge is an exciting experience. It is also home to exotic plants and flowers. You can take a short trek to witness this 300meters high towering fall created by the Deviyar river.
  •  It is especially beautiful during the springtime and post-monsoon when the waterfalls are in bloom. Best if visited during and post-monsoon season. Come and visit Valara waterfalls together with other Munnar waterfalls.

Finding your way there :

  • Nearest Airport : Cochin International Airport (COK) is 74kms from the spot.
  • Nearest Railway Station : Aluva Railway Station is 76kms from the spot, and another Railway station is to reach Valara waterfalls in Ernakulam Railway Station (97kms from the spot). You can hire a cab or bus to reach Valara.
  • Bus stand: Munnar bus stand is also 38kms away from the spot.

3. Lakkam Waterfalls

Lakkam, also known as Lakkom falls is a bit different from other ones coz it’s not originated from hills, generated from Eravikulam plateau, coming out of the core of Eravikulam National Park, its flow rolls down about 13kms to one of the east-flowing rivers in Kerala Pambar and finally joins Cauvery in Tamilnadu.

People who visited Lakkam waterfalls describe it as a hidden solitaire less explored and a must recommendation in this list of Munnar waterfalls.

Plan your visit to Lakkam waterfalls on the way to Eravikulam National park. You’ll find the Eravikulam plateau, the source of this 50feet high waterfall. You will remember this place even after you’ve explored most of the Munnar waterfalls.

Located at: 18kms from Marayoor, the center of attraction at Chinner town. Snuggled inside the Chinnar wildlife sanctuary, it’s only for those who are willing to trek through a thriving jungle for nearly 4kms (it takes 120-180 mins roughly to reach the point) from Alampetty checkpost (on the Munnar-Udumalpet highway). 

To Do’s:

The place is too soothing as nature serves the combo of deluxe deep greenery created by those encircling “vaga trees” along with the mesmerizing melody of crystal clear water, flowing and hitting the stones gently, creates such a blissful environment, making this place a must-visit if you come to visit Munnar waterfalls.

  • Trekking, or even better to say a guided Walking tour is organized by Eravikulam National Park. This could be a great option for those hike lovers visiting Lakkam spending only an extra 100Rs. But not all the several cascades are accessible to travelers.
  • Small fishes can be playing in the water down the pool where all the water is collected from Lakkam falls. Dip your feet, enjoy natural foot spa performed by tiny creatures! And it’s free!
  •  All this makes Lakkam waterfalls one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala. The scarlet bloom of the Gulmohar adorns the way to the waterfall.

 It is beautifully embellished with the splendor of scarlet red blooms from the Gulmohar tree,  flower laden-grasslands, Gulmohar-littered paths, tinkling streams, and the vigorous forest together form a glorious spirit as the path leads to Lakkam waterfalls.

Find your way there :

  • Nearest Railway Station : Aluva is 110 kms away from Munnar; Ernakulam Jn is 130 kms away from Munnar; Madurai, which is 135 kms away from Munnar.
  • Bus stand : Munnar bus stand is 27kms away from the spot.

Munnar town is nearby, you can visit there by cab or bus too. And if you want to enjoy the greenery and falls along with some wild creatures then plan your trip to Lakkam and don’t miss visiting the Eravikulam National Park(25kms from the Munnar bus stand) on the way.

If you’re planning to buy a tour package of Munnar waterfalls, then unquestionably include Lakkam else you’re going to miss out on one of the fantastic waterfalls one can see.

4. Thoovanam Waterfalls

Born from the sparkling flow of the Pambar river, This is one of the best Munnar waterfalls which reveals itself in the heart of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.

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You all might have heard the proverb, “There’s no rose without thorns”. Well, Thoovanam proves it once more amidst nature.

 It’s a bit hard to reach the spot because you’ve to trek for nearly 2hours from Alampetty forest station. But the moments you spend there are worth your efforts to reach there.

 Planning to visit Munnar waterfalls? Don’t exclude visiting Thoovanam waterfalls if you really don’t want to miss a bag of mesmerizing memories of satisfaction amidst nature.

Located at: 18kms from Marayoor, the center of attraction at Chinner town. Snuggled inside the Chinnar wildlife sanctuary, it’s only for those who are willing to trek through a thriving jungle for nearly 4kms (it takes 120-180 mins roughly to reach the point) from Alampetty checkpost (on the Munnar-Udumalpet highway). 

To Do’s in Thoovanam : 

  • Trekking is the main attraction in Thoovanam in Idukki district, one of the must visit in the list of Munnar waterfalls. 

Four kilometers guided trek arranged by the forest department officials for adventure addicts and nature lovers (Timings are: 7 AM – 10 AM and 3 PM to 6 PM & Trek Ticket Fees for Indians: 225 Rs and Foreigners 600 Rs per person) from Alampetty check post will take 3hours of your day but will gift you back in return one of the best 45 mins of your life.

 It is the best opportunity to witness wildlife amidst the lush greenery of the Chinner forest. You may come across elephants, gray langurs, and other wild animals along with the sweetness of various species of birds chirping and butterflies on the pathway of trekking.

The beauty of greeneries and sprinkling waters accompanying wildlife makes Thoovanam unique and musty to be included in the list of Munnar waterfalls.

Okay, don’t forget to take 2-3 water bottles with you, thank me later!

  • Other than waterfalls, things that will pull you towards them are Marayoor Sandal forest, Marayoor, Anamudi, Devikulam, Mattupetty and Eravikulam national park.

Accommodation & Lodging: You have to pre-book for accommodation facilities, contact your tourism department. For lodging, several options like Treehouses, Government guest houses, Cottages at Vysappara, and camping facilities are also available.

Find your way there :

  • Nearest Airport : Cochin Airport is nearly about 110kms from Chinnar
  • Nearest Station : Earnakulam Jn which is 130kms from the Spot.
  • Bus : You can get there on the way to Marayoor from Munnar town and also from Udumalpet by bus. Munnar bus stand is around 60kms away from Thoovanam.

From Alampetty forest station check post at Munnar-Udumalpet highway, trek four km to reach Thoovanam waterfalls guided by forest department officials.

5. Kuthumkal Waterfalls

Located at: 24kms from Munnar and just 4-6Kms from Rajakkad, Kuthumkal is also located in the Idukki district. The nearest landmark is the Kodai market.

This is another one in the list of Munnar waterfalls other than Cheeyappara which can be accessed with less effort to reach.

About Kuthumkal waterfalls : 

  • Did you see waterfalls in movies, totally detached from the outer world? Well here’s where you find yourself in those movies. Filled with greenery and mist and an obviously unpolluted dashing flow of water are the elements that paint the picture of Kuthumkal waterfalls, one of the best Munnar waterfalls.
  • Taking in the magnificent sight of pristine water spilling over a rock after winding and slithering through rough terrain is truly enchanting. The force of water is too high.
  • The gleaming scenario of water falling from more than 100ft and hitting from above the hanging large rock standing is mind blowing.
  • If you haven’t seen ferocious waterfalls live with your eyes, then Kuthumkal is the best option out of all Munnar waterfalls. The roaring sound of water steeping down the 100ft rock takes your breath away to look at.
  • The fumes that are given rise by the dashing water, blankets the place all the time. An invigorating chill and enticing charm descend upon the waterfall and its premises in the mornings as thick mist descends from the valley.
  • Immaculate water descending down hitting the rocks makes the water roar from the top to bottom, and you will fall in love with this. The waters are also safe relatively to get pitch into them.
  • This is a very good picnic spot and trekking spot as well. 

In my opinion, a perfect spot for nature lovers and photography devotees.

Find your way to waterfalls : 

  • Nearest Airport : Kochi airport (130 kms from Munnar) and Madurai Airport
  • Nearest Railway station : Kodai road railway station
  • Nearest Highway : NH 32
  • By Bus : Munnar bus stand is just 24 kms away from the spot.

6. Nyayamakad Waterfalls

One of the most visited among Munnar waterfalls is Nyaayamakad. It deserves to be visited several times.

This huge waterfall not only offers a great picnic spot and swimming and diving facilities, but it’s also renowned for the dense fragrant tea plantations and forests of sandalwood around it.

Nilgiri-TahrAvalanche down the hills from a massive height of 1600 meters. 

Located at: Situated between Munnar and Rajamala, 9-10 km away from Munnar in Idukki district. 

To Do’s : 

  • Swimming and Diving : Yes, you heard it right. Once you come across the adjacent pool where the water gets collected after banging into the huge rocks from the massive height, it’s irresistible for a nature lover or an adventure freak to hold themselves from the impulse of diving and swimming into it.

 Nyayamakad is comparatively luscious than other Munnar waterfalls, it’s absolutely safe to swim and dive here. So if you are planning to visit Nyayamakad waterfalls, carry some extra clothes and towels, haha 😉

  • Enjoying Scenic Beauty : Grassland, tea plantations, and lush flora cover the road leading to the waterfall. When frothy water of the flow scuttles, dashing the rocks…It’s so melodious; Damn!

As the waterfall is situated inside the Eravikulam National Park, a 97 sq Kms long lying park on the western coast of the Munnar forest division, you can also come across many wildlife creatures like barking deer, Malabar civet, sambar, gray jungle fowl, etc.

The far-flung view of Nilgiri-Tahr and other wild creatures along with vigorous greenery in the entire place makes Nyayamakad a place of attraction among other Munnar waterfalls.

The best time to visit is a pre-winter season, i.e. October-November. You can visit this amazing place along with other Munnar waterfalls.

Find your way to waterfalls :

  • Nearest Railway Station : 90 kms away from the spot.
  • Nearest  Airport : Cochin International Airport is 92kms away from the spot.
  • By Bus : Munnar bus stand is just 10 kms away from Nyayamakad waterfalls. You can easily come to the picnic spots around here by bus.

7. Attukad Waterfalls

You’re lucky enough if you’re visiting  Attukad waterfalls during the monsoon because the flow of unstoppable milky white water becomes ferocious and similarly beautiful at the same time, undoubtedly a sight to behold.

Originating from the Attukal mountains, this is an ideal place amongst Munnar waterfalls for trekking lovers. The tourism departments never miss to include Attukal in their Munnar waterfalls package.

Water jets drop with full vigor during monsoon season, and they’re absolutely mesmerizing.

Located at: 9-10kms distance from Munnar (between Munnar and pallivasal)  at Idukki district of the southern state of Kerala.

To Do’s and interests : 

Trekking is one of the most widely done activities over here by tourists. The tourism department arranges all the facilities you need for trekking.

So you just don’t have to gaze at the dashing flow of those plenties of water, you can climb up the hill to see its origin. This scenery of nature is a feed to your sight to carry with your memory throughout your life.

 If you’re interested in trekking and hiking for a longer period, then this place is for you. You can choose to go to the bottom by car or by trekking, according to your freak and fitness.

One can dip their feet in the water enjoy the coolness and spend time there with their loved ones.

Though no one forgets to take pictures nowadays, still I’ll remind you to carry a camera to take some fantastic shots of this wonderful scenic beauty offered by one of the most splendid Munnar waterfalls.

You must carry your camera while driving offroad this side and halt your car sometimes to take some amazing shots and carry home some unforgettable sublime memories with you.

Find your way to waterfalls :

  • Nearest Railway Station : Aluva, which is at a distance of roughly 103 kms.
  • Nearest Airport : Cochin International Airport.
  • Bus : Munnar bus stand is 10 kms away from the spot.

Due to the main approach road’s condition being very bad and broken, one can drive through small private roads and stop their car to enjoy the magnificence offered by Attukad waterfalls. 

8. Chinnakanal (Power House) Falls

Located at: Chinnakanal waterfalls is located approximately 17-18 km from Munnar town. NH 49, Chinnakanal, Idukki, Munnar 685618, India.

Main Attractions : 

  • Powerhouse falls, locally known as Chinnakanal falls, actually originated from sacred Devikulam hills, offering a scenic beauty to stay for hours. The falls end up at a pool down the hill which is a great place to spend time.
  • As I mentioned earlier, Chinnakanal is well known to visitors as a divine spot in comparison with other Munnar waterfalls. Originated from Devikulam river, Chinnakanal’s water is bowed to be celestial because it is believed that, Sita Devi, wife of Hindu Lord Rama lustrated in the flow.
  • People from all over the world come to visit Powerhouse falls (locally also known as Chinnakanal falls) to feel themselves leisurely in nature’s viridescent beauty of the falls accompanying the alluring vicinity that serves this place as a perfect picnic spot.
  • Chinnakanal isn’t a straight fall like some of other Munnar waterfalls. It rapids down the slopes of the stones skimming all the small to big rocks and hedges around its way. The fresh and pure white water of Chinnakanal, from more than a height of 800 meters surges down the boulders paving them on their way to the downhill pool. 
  • Relax and let the steam of crystal water melt all your worries away and soothe your body and mind both from the exhaustion of city life at this mesmerizing waterfall.
  • It’s favorite to those who come with their family, because Powerhouse waterfalls is well known as a deliberate picnic spot. Enjoy the greenery out there and spend some memorable times with your family…
  • You can visit Powerhouse falls throughout the year among other Munnar waterfalls because its green ambiance keeps the weather pleasant and balanced most of the time. 

Though monsoon is the time, if one visits, one can get to see the water flow as well as the almost doubled width of the falls.

One can stay there the whole day but won’t feel humid. When you come back to the hotels, it’s better to say you’ll be positively exhausted and refreshed surprisingly with magical energy.

Find your way to Chinnakanal waterfalls :

  • Nearest Railway station : Aluva railway station,117kms away.
  • Nearest Airport : Nedumbassery Airport, 122 kms from Chinnakanal.
  • Bus : The spot is just 16kms away from Munnar bus stand.

The site is located roughly around 17kms away from Munnar. You can reach up to thereby NH 49, Munnar-Udumalpet road. It’s located on the way to Anachal-Kunchithanny Road and Vayanasala Road. One of the musty includes in the list of Munnar waterfalls. 

One can find no inconvenience reaching Chinnakanal falls. Once one reaches the closest point, it is a short walk to the amazing waterfalls and is accessible by car, bus, or foot.

9. Thommankuthu Falls

Well, this one, in the list of Munnar waterfalls is smaller yet beautiful. This 40-meter high Thommankuthu waterfall is a part of a seven-step waterfall circuit, truly an astonishing wonder of nature.

This small and wide waterfall among other Munnar waterfalls is one of the upcoming tourist-stopping places in Idukki, Kerala. It has a cascade and pool at every step.

Thommankuthu, a forty-meter high waterfall named after a famous hunter Thommachan Kuruvinakunnel, was discovered in the 1920s.

Located at: Situated at a distance of 18-20kms from Thodupuzha, 25kms from Idukki 48kms from Munnar, and 74kms from Cochin. The bus connects this place from Munnar and Thodupuzha.

Brief About : 

  • Waterfalls at Thommankuthu draw the attention of nature admirers and adventure enthusiasts in spite of being 40meters high, which is less in comparison to other Munnar waterfalls. It offers a most picturesque view of the Seven-Step Thommankuthu waterfall near Thodupuzha, Kerala, and amidst lush foliage, this sparkling waterfall is an ideal place to relax in the lap of nature.
  • Visitors to the pleasant valley of Thommankuthu waterfall destination can enjoy activities such as boating on the lake and fishing. 

And those adventure freaks can go trekking on the mountain, which is about 12kms of climbing…

  • Thodupuzha offers accommodation facilities in and around the city, as well as hotels and restaurants. So one can stay there easily and enjoy nearby caves, trivial villages and feel nature’s succession

Find your way to Thommankuthu :

  • Nearest Railway Station : Aluva and Ernakulam are the nearest railway stations to Thommankuthu. Aluva is 67 kms away from Thommankuthu and Ernakulam is about 58kms away. The nearest railway stations are located at Kochi and Kottayam.
  • Nearest Airport : Nedumbassery Airports is the nearest airport to Thommankuthu. Nedumbassery is at a distance of 80 kms. People can also come from Cochin International airport which is at 66kms distance from the spot.
  • By Bus : Bus is easily available from Thodupuzha, which is 18kms from Thommankuthu. Munnar bus stand is 17kms away.

They can be reached via Munnar Bypass, Rajakkad-Kuthumkal-Mayiladumpara Road, and Anachal-Kunchithanny Road. Thommankuthu is going to be the next upcoming tourist destination spot in the Munnar waterfalls tourism package.

10. Keezharkuthu Waterfalls (Rainbow Falls)

Well, this one is widely known as a natural phenomenon that happens throughout the year.  In Keezharkuthu, also known as Rainbow falls, one can see the rainbow all day, irrespective of seasons which made its name included in the list of top 10 Munnar waterfalls.

Located at: Located in the Idukki district of Kerala, around 17 km from Thodupuzha, this is a spectacular waterfall to witness. The Rainbow Waterfalls, located around 10kms away from Malayinchi, Kaithappara hills is an important spot for tourist attraction among other Munnar waterfalls.

About Rainbow Falls : 

  • A rainbow engulfing over 1500 m from thousands of feet is something you do not see every day, and that is one of the reasons people flock to the Keezharkuthu Waterfalls in Idukki. These phenomena can be observed throughout the year.
  •  Keezharkuthu waterfall is at 1500 meters above sea level. The waterfall falls from about 300 feet and there’s a huge rock that seems like the originating point of the waterfall.
  • In this forest, the people learn that the medicinal plants they’re surrounded by have been used by tribal residents here for centuries, and that it has a number of natural rock formations which make it ideal for a multitude of enthralling activities, including rock climbing, mountaineering, camping, and trekking.

Find your way to Rainbow Falls : 

  • Nearest Railway station : Ernakulam Railway Station, located 58kms away, is the nearest railway station of Keezharkuthu falls. Chenganacherry and Kottayam are also nearby. Cochin Railway Station is 97kms away. The nearest railway stations are located at Kochi and Kottayam.

Kottayam (71kms via Main Central road) and Ettumanoor (61kms via Main Central Road) are also two nearby stations.

  • Nearest Airport : People can come from Cochin International Airport which is 70kms distant.
  • By bus : Thodupuzha bus stand is 23 kms away. Munnar bus stand is 52kms away.

You will have wasted your time in Munnar if you do not visit the scintillating waterfalls of Munnar.

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